In March It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant developed 1 billion 488 million 568 thousand kilowatts - hours of the electric power.

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Share of the nuclear power plant in this development - 1 billion 464 million 818 thousand kWh. Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant - 18 million 131 thousand kWh. Aleksandrovsky hydroelectric power station - 5 million 619 thousand kWh.

For receiving such quantity of the electric power on a thermal power plant it would be necessary to burn 552 thousand tons of Donetsk coal, or 682 million cubic meter of natural gas.

The equipment of the first and second power units YuU nuclear power plants worked without remarks in the set mode. The third power unit on March 24, upon termination of maintenance, was connected to a power supply system of Ukraine.

On Aleksandrovsky hydroelectric power station in work there were first and second hydrounits - depending on a consumption of water in the river the Southern Bug.

The first and second hydrounits of Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant worked according to the set schedule. The second hydrounit was from March 19 to March 28 in maintenance.

Radiation background on an industrial platform It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant during the specified period I was at the level of natural background values which were measured before start-up of nuclear power plant, and for April 1 I made 10,5 μR/hour. Emissions of radioactive materials in environment didn't exceed the established admissible values.

Operational information about work It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant can round the clock receive by phone - an answering machine No. (05136) 2-29-93.


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