The Nikolaev divers triumphally made a speech at the European championship in Turin!

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Ilya Kvasha - two "gold" and "silver", Elena Fedorova - "silver" and "bronze", Alevtina Koroleva - a bronze medal

On Sunday in Turin the European championship on a diving came to the end. At the national team of Ukraine on this superiority six awards - two "gold", two "silver" and two "bronze". Especially successful this championship became for the Nikolaev divers, pupils of honored trainers of Ukraine of Tatyana Maryanko, and Sergey Gumenyuk. Ilya Kvasha comes back home with two gold and a silver medal, Lena Fedorova - with "silver" and "bronze", Alevtina Koroleva with "bronze"!

First day. On April 1

Men. Springboard, 1 m

1. Ilya Kvasha (Ukraine, Nikolaev) - 420.90
2. Christopher Sachchin (Italy) - 418.55
3. Pavel Rosenberg (Germany) - 405.20
In the first day of the European championship the champion reserve was made by Ilya Kvasha. In jumps from a meter springboard among men it won a gold medal! Though this look isn't included in the Olympic program, but the victory here is worth a lot. And, a year ago on the European superiority in Eindhoven it also had "gold".
Second day. On April 2

Men. Springboard, 3 m

1 Alexander Dobroskok (Russia) - 482,75
2. Ilya Kvasha (Ukraine, Nikolaev) - 475,90
3. Michele Benedetti (Italy) - 447,75
... 13. Anton Zakharov (Ukraine) - 349.3.

Ilya Kvasha to a gold award on a meter springboard added silver from a three-meter springboard, having only conceded to A. Dobroskok, the Olympic champion of 2000, the double world champion. By the way, on the previous European superiority Ilya had also silver award, but then he conceded to other, even more eminent Russian - the colonel of the Russian army Dmitry Sautin, the fivefold world champion, the participant of five Olympic Games, from where it brought 8 medals! Here such rivals 21 - summer nikolayevets!
Third day. April 3.

Men. Synchronous jumps.

3- meter springboard. Final.
1. Ilya Kvasha / Alexey Prigorov (Ukraine, Nikolaev - Kharkov) - 422.31
2. Ilya Zakharov/Gleb Galperin (Russia) - 418.47
3. Nikola Marconi/Tomaso Marconi (Italy) - 407.19
Bronze prize-winners of the Olympic Games in Beijing nikolayevets Ilya Kvasha and the Kharkov citizen Alexey Prigorov didn't leave to the rivals any chances in fight for "gold" in synchronous jumps with 3 - a meter springboard. In the "crown" look our guys at first in qualification were the best and in the final showed champion result. Especially pleasantly for Ilya. It is its third award of CHE-2009.

Competitions in not Olympic look - jumps from a meter springboard at women took place. Out of competition there was a skilled Italian Tanya Kanyotto. Ukrainian Anna Pismenskaya took the seventh place.

The Nikolaev jumper Lena Fedorova was among favourites, but was mistaken during performance of the fourth qualification jump and the final of eight didn't reach. As a result - 9-е a place.

Fourth day. April 4.

3- meter springboard. Synchronous jumps. Women.
1. Tanya Kanyotto (Italy) - 345.85
2. Elena Fedorova (Ukraine, Nikolaev) - 334.25
3. Katya Dyakov (Germany) - 317.20
4. Anna Pismenskaya (Ukraine) - 298.90

Two more awards filled up a moneybox of the Ukrainian athletes. The silver medal will go to Nikolaev. It was won by Elena Fedorova on a three-meter springboard. Lena in the final executed two new jumps with higher coefficient of complexity and conceded only to Italian Tanya Kanyotto, for which it already second "gold" of the championship.
"Bronze" was won by the Ukrainian debutants Alexander Bondar and Alexander Gorshkovozov in synchronous jumps with 10 - a meter platform.

Fifth day. On April 5

3- meter springboard. Synchronous jumps. Women.
1. Tanya Kanyotto / Francesca Dalape (Italy) - 317.40
2. Katia Clerks/Nora Subchinski (Germany) - 312.60
3. Elena Fedorov/Alevtina Koroleva (Ukraine, Nikolaev) - 301.38
10- meter springboard. Men.
1. Alexey Kravchenko (Russia) - 521.75
2. Dmitry Dobroskok (Russia) - 493.30
3. Patrick Hauzding (Germany) - 466.00
… 5. Anton Zakharov (Ukraine) - 458.30
10. Konstantin Milyaev (Ukraine, Nikolaev) - 412.15

In the last day of the championship at the Ukrainian national team one more medal - a bronze award in synchronous jumps from a three-meter springboard won couple Elena Fedorova - Alevtina Koroleva. I will remind, a year ago in the European championship in Eindhoven our little girls were also bronze medallists. Besides, exactly they won the license for the Olympic Games-2008 for Ukraine. But other couple went to Beijing absolutely.

And here the Queen - Fedorova again act together and again collect awards from the largest tournaments!

At jumpers with 10 - a meter platform nikolayevets Kostya Milyaev showed some champion jumps and remained behind line of prize-winners.

So, for all history of carrying out the European superiority which are carried out since 1926, by quantity of the won awards athletes of independent Ukraine now take the fifth position, having in an arsenal of 9 gold, 9 silver and 20 bronze medals.
Still a couple of gold awards - and our fellow countrymen will bypass jumpers of GDR which has sunk into oblivion. And unshakable there are positions of Russia - the medal right successor of the USSR - 65 gold, 53 silver and 36 bronze medals.

As for the present European championship, it was extremely fruitful on a medal, especially for nikolayevets.
Ahead our fellow countrymen have even more responsible starts - in Rome will pass the World Cup in water sports.


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