Digging a hole under a water drain for a bath, the inhabitant of the Nikolaev area found burial of the Jews shot by fascists more than 60 years ago

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In the Zhovtnevy region of the Nikolaev area the man decided to dig out at himself on a kitchen garden a hole under a water drain of a bath. Having dug through about one meter вглибину, the bayonet of a shovel came across something firm. The human skull appeared a firm subject. About it reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

The man without wasting in vain time I caused militia. Arrived to a place it is investigative - the task force found in a hole remains of the person age about 15-20 years. Having taken in shovel hand, militiamen started digging further a hole therefore found a skull and bones of one more person.

The forensic scientist who examined remains, specified at once that people were lost violent death. At militiamen laborious work on establishment of circumstances of death of these people began. During the investigation became unclear why on a place of burial there were no traces of clothes and footwear. But this time professional skills in crime disclosure practically weren't necessary for militiamen, already at the very beginning of investigation became clear that the death of people occurred long ago.

Experts established that the found bones are more than 60 years old. I cleared up a picture of all circumstances of that time 83 - the summer inhabitant of this village - Zhurbenko Vasily Stepanovich who as it appeared, witnessed those old events. He told that in far 1943 in the village there were military units of Germans and Romanians who committed excesses in the territory of the Nikolaev area. On a find place in days of the Great Patriotic War the waste ground where in a ravine Germans shot the Jews brought from Nikolaev was located. At that time them was lost much, Vasily Stepanovich even remembers their quantity - 8400 people. Before execution of people plundered and undressed, and clothes distributed to inhabitants of the village. Shot the Soviet prisoners of war whom brought from the next concentration camp dug in. The destiny of soldiers too was unfavourable - they were shot and buried in the same ravine.The German who took part in execution, didn't begin to shoot at 15 - the summer guy who then became the involuntary witness of murder. Little Vasily directly saw all horrors which were made by fascists. In 1944, after осв


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