In "A match of stars of the Ukrainian superleague" which passed in Nikolaev, I won the American special troops

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Basketball players, probably, absolutely, didn't think of the end result, smiled much and on - gentlemen's gave way to the rivals who were tore to a board

Before game
Organizers in vain worried about presence of fans at all stages of basketball show. In two hours prior to a match of a tribune of SK "Hope" were filled percent on 90. The first competition was played by defenders. If who assumed that on opening not a sin even "to offer" seemingly unpretentious competition of dribler, it was mistaken exactly the opposite.

Tribunes straight off joined in a plot where basketball players ran and threw in all seriousness. Nikolayevets Vladislav Tonchenko set low speed on start - 24,8 seconds. Its result was surpassed at once by four participants. And Uaykin Kelly and Denis Lukashov overcame an obstacle course quicker 22 seconds.
But in the final of fight it didn't turn out. Skilled "chemist" flew on a platform even quicker than the former result. And here young "wolf" suffered prolonged anxiety also to itself everything spoiled regarding throws from the line of penalties. So Kelly quietly waited for delivery to him a beautiful cup and the huge check with beautiful figure about four zero.

This circumstance, and also hopes for success of the Nikolaev basketball player in competition of truckers, warmed up interest of public to the second point of the agenda of show. Sergey Gladyr at the first stage showed identical result with poltavchaniny GITIS Sirutavichus. And the best sum of points was gathered, as expected, by Manuchar Markoishvili.

So the second finalist defined in additional round. And, instead of a minute both participants had only thirty seconds. Sergey Gladyr won with a clear advantage - 12:7! And after small rest I came to a parquet against Markoishvili. Under the terms of competition nikolayevets opened a series. Its result - 14 points - gave fatigue and excitement. But the rival too was not iron - 12 points and the second place. And and delight of tribunes, a cup and the check Sergey Gladyryu got congratulations.

Competition слэм - tanks which organizers reserved for "dessert", against the previous competition, and also in view of the low competition among participants, looked more faintly.Probably, be more successful Dijon Thompson in the first series of throws, it could argue with the obvious favourite - Pi - Jay Tucker. However the second score of the judge gave to yuzhnenets to Dmitry Hodov.

Young "chemist" in the second final attempt couldn't send a ball to a basket at all. Donetsk "tiger" too didn't have dexterity for execution of one conceived throw - with flight through the assistant who has sat down at a board. However and simpler decision brought to Tucker monasteries without doubt shadow.

In day of game to Nikolaev, at last, there arrived participants of the Match of all stars from Youzhny. Agafonov joined Ukraine team ranks, and in "Legion" took Kelly and Famutimi's regular positions. So even to an easy shadow of doubt in the responsible relation of clubs and players to unique and in a calendar for a season of show didn't remain. Here just basketball players in the performance which plot is made by tens improvisations will show?

Participants of a match at good speed moved, in time gave in and effectively finished the combinations practically from any positions. The American legionaries Kelly, Tucker, Alexander, Blair, Thompson and Owens, and also Georgian Markoishvili very organically combined ease and power. On their background Lishchuk and Saltovets, Agafonov and Kravtsov weren't lost. As the owner of a parquet as the ringleader of the majority of combinations Rajevski, mass artillery attacks acted from - for arches Skutelnik and Gladyr provided.

In the first period basketball players, probably, absolutely, didn't think of the end result, smiled much and on - gentlemen's gave way to the rivals who were tore to a board - 29:30. In the second our compatriots were overzealous by part of "good manners" in protection very little and for the first time considerably lagged behind - 65:72. In the third "Ukraine" it was got in attack, slightly a post-ugly face having played in defense - 100:100.

Such unique, even for indicative matches, the result played a paradoxical role. There was an impression that curtseys became boring to basketball players, and in subconsciousness the instinct of winners - as - in any way, in basketball a draw, even friendly woke up, aren't accepted. Legionaries undertook breakthrough, "Ukraine" answered. Fight was started the already serious. There was even an unsportsmanlike foul. For which "author" right there, I think, sincerely, I asked forgiveness. However the American special troops finished begun to the logical end - 123:128.


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