This year in Saint Nicholas's square to replace old trees with Sovetskaya St.?

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Green plantings inNikolaev- it and protection against the scorching sun, both a landscaping element, and the "easy" cities. However at different breeds of trees - the different term of life therefore time when the old tree needs to be replaced young comes.

The old trees planted in the city, bear potential danger to the person: roots of perennial plants often undermine the bases of buildings, and falling, trees break roofs of houses. Case which occurred on March 4 on Lenin Ave. and Vodoprovodnaya St. crossing to that confirmation. No external signs of death of a tree existed, but in one of days the tree failed on a carriageway, having damaged the car. Only by a lucky chance nobody suffered.

For the last two years in Nikolaev decorative grades of a maple spherical, acacias spherical, an oak pyramidal, cherries spherical, sweet cherries pyramidal, mountain ashes plakuchy, etc. actively land. In parallel there are works on cutting and removal of old and dry trees, especially in places of an active traffic and vacation spots.

As reports monitoring department zhilishchno - utilities, works with shots and legal providing housing and communal services department, this year works on a kronirovaniye and replacement of trees on boulevard part of Chigrin St., Chkalov St., Sadovaya St., Mira Ave., and also in Pionersky park and in Saint Nicholas's square are planned.


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