"Chemist" - MBK "Nikolaev" - 76:55

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Basketball. Championship of Ukraine. Plya - офф. First match.

Vladimir Polyakh: All our information on Thomas had nothing in common that he showed in game

Before game

Nikolayevtsa meet yuzhnenets in the first circle of the ply - офф for the sixth time. And only in last season fight went with mutual chances. On the one hand - plot repetition it seems as dooms opposition in routine on duty. With another - one of warring parties of 5 years got used to win only, and another considers a long-awaited victory is more expensive than other medal.
And now about chances. The previous duel of rivals brought to only while to a victory of nikolayevets on a visit. As "Chemist" has advantage of the platform, without success on departure to our basketball players shines nothing.

New acquisition of yuzhnenets - the American basketball player John Thomas prevents to make a start from this fact, however. Even experts guess as far as it will strengthen game of "Chemist". Thomas played 2 matches for team. With inhabitants of Kiev in 11 minutes on a platform the beginner of all attacked from game - both times precisely twice. Also I received 4 fouls. But the team won against "wolves" the last period with the score 23:12!

In the last round of the regular championship - against "Azovmash" - Thomas played twice more long, hammered 6 of 11 near throws and one penalty. That is progress very serious, and a hand at the American the firm. And here question: what group on force of influence on command result it will join? If Thomas pulls game owing to Kelly - Famutimi, this is an obvious joker in O. Popovic's pack. Agafonov's level - Chanaka that is more probable, - too not a gift. And here if is late at the level of not Kolchenko's so stable couple - Sinovets, … goodness knows?

At any deal, only it is possible to win tennis at the expense of so-called "unconstrained" mistakes of the rival. When teams meet on one party from a grid - without active imposing of the will, tactics, without more vigorous actions it will turn out nothing.


"Chemist" - MBK "Nikolaev" - 76:55 (18:8, 28:18, 13:16, 17:23)On April 15.Youzhny, SK "Olympus", 1900 viewers
Productivity (points/minutes in game)
Head coachOliver PopovicHead coachVladimir FIELDS
Accuracy of throws (threw/got)
Selections (the шит / stranger)
Judges:B. Saffron milk cap, S. Zashchuk (all - Kiev), A. Kalashnikov (Zaporozhye)
Commissioner:I. Pedyev (Odessa).

The foreign observer on a debut hardly would assume that the rivals having equal quantity of victories in a season meet. Nikolayevtsa looked held down (first of all, of course, active protection of rivals), long reflected over the next course. Even in chess similar actions at the beginning of party will bear the stamp of confusion. Only on 3-й to minute guests opened the account. And it was the only productive throw of the player of the starting five in the first period! Owners of a platform looked cooler, but simply self-assured team - 18:8.Ten points of a handicap some more minutes of the second period remained. And then disturbing regularity for nikolayevets began to be shown: if at yuzhnenets Kelly, Agafonov and Thomas continued to hammer and play surely a ball, installing confidence in the partners, unless Yaylo worked for us exactly. Gladyr in the second destiminutka was marked out by only several mistakes. Yes almost all had punctures - gave in in a miss, got under "hammocks", lost a ball on maintaining … Jackson's example so also didn't inspire anybody. Rajevski was thrown by a tryulnik under the siren. But the gap in the account all the same remained hopelessly big - 46:26.

After game

The head coach of MBK "Nikolaev" Vladimir Polyakh explained inexpressive game of the team with the reasons psychological - lost a spirit, and even even "fused". The physical fatigue is present at actions of all without exception of teams. Same "Chemist" when we ran, suddenly moved back and засбоил. On trainings we placed emphasis on working off of tactical schemes. And the rival imposed us rigid fight and in these single combats was more successful. Especially it was noticeable in Thomas and Blair's opposition. All materials which were available at our disposal about the beginner of "Chemist" showed a little the general to that it showed in the first game ply - офф. Thomas battled as all his partners, and even to a big spirit. And at us in the force fulfilled two - three basketball players. Well, 1:0 in favor of "Chemist" is yet the tragedy. Ahead of rather game time to achieve a change.
So, the account in a series became 1:0 in favor of "Chemist". The second match will take place in Youzhny on Friday.


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