Chairmen of national societies gathered today in Nikolaev at "a round table"

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Today, on April 16, inNikolaevskmunicipal коллегиуме passed meeting of "a round table" on which the question of opening of information centers of ethnic minorities was considered, and also possibilities of work national - cultural societies in schools.

We will remind that two weeks ago, on April 2, the presentation of the first took place is information - analytical and cultural - the educational center of ethnic minorities in Nikolaev. According to the chairman of regional council of national societiesMurada Kaymarazova,the similar center - while only in Ukraine.

At the beginning of meetingMurad Kaymarazov, which besides is the coordinator of this project, declared that a today's meeting not for public relations.

"We here gathered to define ways of cooperation with schools", - the chairman of the board of national societies emphasized.

Chairmen of national societies (Korean, Armenian, Polish, Jewish, Japanese, etc.) during meeting acquainted the communities present with activity then discussion of took place what possibilities of cooperation are with area schools, in particular possibility of creation of the similar centers and at other schools.

"We cultivate tolerance and love to other nationalities in children. After all to children it is easier to reach, they as a sponge absorb in themselves information", - explainedMurad Kaymarazovchoice of creation of such center on base коллегиума.


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