The master - a class on a pisanka from Tatyana Ulyankina

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The master - a class on creation a pisanok carried out for students Tatyana Ulyankina - the member of the National union of masters of folk art of Ukraine, the author more than 2000 pisanok, the creator of a unique genre - volume panels with pisanka. Its best works are in domestic and foreign museum collections.

Students of NSU of name Sukhomlinskogo the eyes saw process of creation of a pisanka.

The teacher of chair of the Ukrainian literature Taras Kremin became the initiator of a meeting with Tatyana Ulyankina in NSU which took place on April 16. Active part took as well students so interested in a pisankarstvo about 40 people gathered, reports image policy of NSU.

Process of creation of a pisanka seems very simple, and at the same time demands patience and the accuracy of movements. And also the infinite imagination for creation of patterns.

In the face of audience the skilled worker created a pisanka that is called from scratch. More than a minute ago in hands it had a simple egg. But here it put on it some patterns with the melted wax, lowered in paint and, some minutes later, dried up over a candle flame.

Thus Tatyana Ulyankina emphasized that it is necessary to work very carefully only to dry paint and not to burn egg.

In operating time Tatyana also told some little-known facts from creation history a pisanok in the south of Ukraine.

Production a pisanok for Tatyana Ulyankina isn't a source of the income. She received the physicist - mathematical education, now works in Nikolaevsk seaport. But thus actively the pisanok is engaged in production, participates in many exhibitions. And with pleasure the master - classes for all comers - the benefit will see off, her often invite in schools and universities.


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