Having the Ukrainian passport, it is possible to obtain the second nationality - about it the chief of passport department of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area

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Nachalnik of departmentfor nationality, immigration and registration of natural personsRegional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area Vladimir Ivanov, answering questions to "the hot line", I reported thatthe citizen of Ukraine canto go to other country, for example, to the USA or Russia, andto obtain there the second nationality.

Despite of that in Ukraine is officially forbidden double nationality, the world practice often differs from existing laws. To lose the Ukrainian nationality it is quite problematic.

For example, in the USA a reason for refusal of the Ukrainian nationality are revenues to service in armies. And in Russia now in general in the heat the program of return of Russians on the historical homeland.

- Privileges are provided "mentally ill people", - Vladimir Ivanov noted. - Even if you any time studied in Russia in technical training college in Soviet period, it is considered that you were Russian. If you in Russia are given nationality - you will have two passports.

That is in Ukraine you will be considered - as Jure as the citizen of Ukraine, but - the fact you will have two passports.

If the person having two and more passports, commits a crime, about where and under whose laws it will judge - решют prosecutor's offices of the states.

But there is also an essential nuance: already having nationality of any country - in Ukraine youyou won't be able to receive the Ukrainian passport.


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