Nikolaev area: women get divorced more often than men

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For January 1, 2008 in the Nikolaev area lived 377,6 thousand people at the age of 14-34 years. The leading expert speaks about it - the economist of department of statistics of the population Yulia Skotar.

- The number of youth and its specific weight in all population is one of the major quality demographic indicators, - she noted in anticipation of Day of youth which celebrate last Sunday of June.

The youth is most reproduktivno the active contingent of the population: high genital activity of women is the share of age of 20-24 years. For 2007 women of this age group gave rise 4,6 thousand children, or 37,2% of all been born. Women of age group of 25-29 years gave rise to 3,4 thousand children, or 27,6%. Average age of mother at the birth of the child is in area at the level of 25,4 years.

For 2007 10,9 thousand marriages are registered. Among all number of women married specific weight at the age of 14-34 years - 84,7%, men - 78,7%. Girls before young men marry and for couple select men of, mainly, advanced age: women aged till 20 years married four times more, than men. At the age of 20-24 years married 4,6 thousand women and 3,9 thousand men that respectively makes 42,1% and 36,1% of total of all registered weddings.

One of important problems of a condition of modern families still has high level of stains among young married couples. In 2007 at the age of 15-34 years registered stains of 2,4 thousand women and 1,3 thousand men. The age group of 25-29 years was the "crisis" period of existence of a family - at this age 900 women and 571 men divorced, - note in department of statistics of the Nikolaev area.


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