Winners of an action of the Nikolaev CHPP S teplom i lyubovyyu! won valuable prizes

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Three years ago in the city of Nikolaev the only action in Ukraine "With heat and love was held! ", which organizer there was JSC Nikolaev Combined Heat and Power Plant. Its essence that by the time of the termination of a heating season of power system encourage with valuable prizes of the subscribers who are honestly paying for heat and hot water.

The heating season came to the end on April 4, and past week the fourth stage of an action finished and draw of prizes in department of sale of thermal energy of JSC Nikolaev Combined Heat and Power Plant took place. - conscientious payers the computer chose 12 subscribers from 60 thousand citizens - winners. This year one more organization was connected to an action - the producer of heat - "Nikolayevoblteploenergo" OKP.

TVs, gas stoves, food processors, extracts, coffee makers, mobile phones were played. There were also incentive prizes - 50 cups and 30 aprons with a combined heat and power plant and NOTE logo. In three years of an action twenty Nikolaev families received as a gift mobile phones, the refrigerator, the microwave oven, tape recorders, home theater and even travel to Turkey.

This year veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the Nikolaev pensioners, the engineer and chairmen of OSMD became winners. This is Galina Grigorenko, Victor Klimov, Galina Yakimenko, Galina Diatchenko, Victor Bezushko, Nona Leyzerovich, Anna Kleptsova, Evgenia Shurkhovetskaya, Varvara Belaya, Oleg Malakhov, Nikolay Samoylenko, Valentina Bondarenko. Participants of draw pulled out envelopes and as small children rejoiced, who to the gas stove, who to the TV, who to a food processor. And some at all didn't believe that an action "With heat and love! " is not an advertizing gimmick.

Winners were welcomed and thanked for integrity by the director general, the chairman of the board of JSC Nikolaev Combined Heat and Power Plant Alexander Shevchenko and the director of OKP of "Nikolayevoblteploenergo" Vladimir Bereznitsky.

I will notice that since the beginning of holding an action debts of the population were considerably reduced.Three years ago from 40 thousand subscribers of combined heat and power plant of debtors about 20 percent were, today it is much less than them.


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