On Soviet the exhibition of five artists

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Not often in Municipal showroom collect works at once five artists. Each style and ideas are unusually original and bewitch the embodiment on a cloth.

In showroom collected works of the Nikolaev artists - Yury Belokonya, Love Golovata, Vladimir Voropaya, Lolita Sanamyan and Svetlana Poluyanova.

Each work - is individual, executed by specific equipment.

Many people came to an exhibition from the moment of its opening. For them waited a lot of interesting, bright and mysterious.

Trifles of life

Svetlana Poluyanova in showroom presented the works of painting and graphics. You pay attention to its works first of all. They differ reality. On its cloths plots which can be noticed casually every day are represented. In circulation of events and vanities of people doesn't pay attention to little things in life which lighten mood. Svetlana doesn't miss it from life, after all artists in works represent details - house slippers, a rug, a cat.

To get out of a picture

Yury Belokonya's works is a high equipment of a portrait. Pictures are executed in light tones. Yellow and blue prevails, all because Yury - the country. Portraits are a riddle. Their heroes as though haven't enough place on cloths and they here - here will get out of pictures. The artist use special equipment of work with fabric. patriot

Romantic world

Lolila Sanamyan the artist with a broad outlook. In her pictures the world looks on - to another. Probably, she sees really much more romantic our world. Magic houses with ladders which conduct to paradise, sea landscapes with yachts which as birds, soar over water.

Love to landscapes

Lyubov Golovataya in the works represents beauty of the nature and still lifes. Lyubov approaches to each work with love, with the perception of this world. When it creates, around there is nothing, except its work and its inner world.

Pictures are notable

Vladimir Voropay presented the works which are full of reality at an exhibition. The image in its works is almost notable. At long survey it seems that you plunge into its world.

One of the main advantages of this exhibition is its originality. After all four of five artists are debutants. They for the first time showed the works on public. Therefore, it is one of the few chances to see works of those who sees the world on - to other.

The exhibition takes place from June 20 to July 17. The municipal showroom is open for all visitors from 11 to 16 o'clock. Phone for references - 35-04-26; 36-32-09. Address: Nikolskaya Street, 54 (an entrance from Soviet)


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