Russia explained: Ukrainian in the Russian Federation don't study because, unlike our "Russian-speaking", and so all understand

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Russia declares absence of inquiries from the Ukrainian diaspora on establishment of schools with teaching in Ukrainian.

The press is told about it - services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in the message.

"Despite the big number of the Ukrainians living in the territory of the Russian Federation, requests for establishment of full-scale schools from parents and public organizations in federal and regional governing bodies of education practically doesn't arrive", - the representative of the MFA of Russia Andrey Nesterenko told.

He explains such situation with proximity of East Slavic languages and cultures, the general history and uniform orthodox Christian belief.

"For the specified reasons in the Russian Federation there are no schools where all training program is taught in Ukrainian. There are only schools from an ethnonational (ethnocultural) component. To it are carried: the native language and literature, regional (national) history, courses of history of native culture", - the representative of the MFA of Russia reported.

At this Nesterenko noted that cultural events which are held in Russia by various public organizations, substantially consider needs of ethnic Ukrainians.

As it was reported, the Organization for safety and cooperation in Europe intends to discuss with the leadership of Ukraine and Russia a situation with ensuring the rights of Ukrainians in Russia and Russians in Ukraine.

The ambassador of Russia in Ukraine Victor Chernomyrdin considers difficult receiving the higher education in Russian in Ukraine.


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