WHO recognized a pandemic of swine flu "inevitable"

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The World Health Organization made the decision to lift level of danger of emergence of a pandemic of swine flu to five points from six.

Such decision is made at the special session which has come to the end late on night on Wednesday, reports "Medical portal" with reference to AFP.

The fifth phase of a pandemic is characterized by the registered transfer of a virus from the person to the person at least in two countries of one region. At this stage pandemic emergence, that is global epidemic, "inevitably".

Though the majority of the countries of the world aren't struck yet, the announcement of the fifth phase means that "there is a little time finally to settle all organizational questions" and to be prepared for introduction of the planned measures for decrease in danger of a pandemic for inhabitants of a planet.

The head of WHO Margaret Chong declared that is compelled to insist on that the governments of the countries of the world "prepared for the worst".

She recommended to the pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline and Roche - producers of preparations from swine flu - to increase their production.

"It is necessary to treat pandemics of flu seriously from - for its abilities quickly to extend over all countries of the world. The main issue in that, how heavy will appear this pandemic, especially at the beginning", - Chong noted.

According to the director of WHO, today the world "is ready to a flu pandemic better, than ever in the history".

As of Wednesday, number of victims of swine flu in Mexico makes 152 persons, more than 2 thousand are infected.

In the USA 64 cases of the swine flu are registered, one person died. In other countries of the world, according to WHO data, 79 cases of an illness are confirmed. In Canada 6 cases of infection with swine flu, in Great Britain - 2, and in Spain - 1 are confirmed. The tourists who have come back from Mexico, are hospitalized with suspicion on swine flu in Israel, Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, Australia and New Zealand.

The first patient with the diagnosis "swine flu" was the boy by the name of Edgar Hernandez (Edgar Hernandez), the inhabitant of the town La Gloria in the Mexican state Veracruz. He fell ill on April 2 and by the present moment completely recovered. In five miles from his house there is a pig farm of the Smithfield Foods company which is considered a pandemic source.


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