The Azov plyazhnik ask not to be afraid of black sand – radiation not such big

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Mass media of Ukraine strongly exaggerate radioactive danger of "black sand" which spots are washed away on some beaches of the Azov coast.

The Deputy Chief state health officer of Donetsk region Larisa Guseva told about it.

She accented that annually from the beginning of a summer season the subject of "black sand" appears in mass media, and each time to these sand is unreasonably attributed radioactive danger.

"Black sand are fields at the bottom of the Sea of Azov. I well know these black sand because defended the master's dissertation on the subject "Radiation — a Hygienic Assessment the Monotsitovykh of Sand of the Azov Coast". I dealt of 10 years with this problem, we conducted researches, and I assure: "black sand" don't constitute any danger to the person", - L. Guseva told.

She accented that "black sand" are natural substances which are washed away from a bottom of the sea and which "can really create raised scale - a background which can make both 30, and the 130th microx-ray at an o'clock".

"It is small spots, they can be 20 cm, can be half-meter. But this background is comparable with the background radiated, for example, by usual granite. All know that granite is a natural material which the scale - a background gives raised. And so imagine that it is granite. This just the same natural substance which is simply washed away by the sea, especially, after storm", - L. Guseva explained. She added that on the coast of the Sea of Azov "black sand" are most actively washed away on a beach at the settlement Sandy, there are such alluviums and in the Pershotravnevy area.

"Public health services of area deal with a problem of these sand since 1986, there came scientists from Moscow, Kiev, these sand are studied from all directions. They can't cause damage to health of the person because with such level of a background in 50, 60 and even the 100th microx-ray at an o'clock the person on this sand needs to lie half a year, without rising", - emphasized with the deputy chief the health officer of area.

It also reminded that "annually in the spring workers of a local sanstantion together with municipal services passes beaches with the dosimeter"."And if find even insignificant spots of "black sand", these sites simply harrow. To take out these sand there is no sense. Also do it more for calm of people, and at all because this scale - the background can bring damage to health", - L. Guseva assured.

She once again emphasized that vacationers "can not be afraid at all for the health on beaches where there is this sand".


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