The basketball team "Nikolaev" crushed "Sumykhimprom" with the account 99:55

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In the first match of a series for 5-8 places of MBK "Nikolaev" with a devastating score I won against guests from Sumy - 99:55, reports official site of Municipal basketball club "Nikolaev". Having caught leadership at the very beginning of game, ours didn't lose a uniform quarter, gradually increasing advantage. So, at the end of the third quarter advantage reached 30 points, and after a final buzzer the final separation already made 44 points.

It is obvious that сумчан lack of enough of performers of high level - especially in the protective plan is the reason of failure. Partly thanks to it nikolayevets could prove completely in the attacking plan (99 points to that to the liyena the proof). Besides, a certain role both in psychological, and in the functional plan, for Sumy was played by removal from game of one of leaders - Osvaldas Machernis who hit Maxim Shepil after the last сфолил on Machernis.

Most productively game was held by Sergey Gladyr, on which account of 38 points and 7 selections. Besides, on 13 points Jackson and Tonchenko (Vladislav, by the way, carried out one of the best games in a season, having made as well 7 assists) gathered. 11 points at Igor Silkovsky, 10 points and 7 selections at Terell Blair.

At сумчан the double - a double was noted Avgustinas Vitas - 18 points and 11 selections. 11 points also at Osvaldas Machernis.

Head coach "Sumykhimprom" Andrey Shaptala:

"Today the team was broken finally by that episode with Machernis when it for a fight removed from a platform - for it I, by the way, would like to apologize before the Nikolaev fans. Sooner or later similar failure had to happen to someone from players, considering the situation which has developed in our club recently. And so, Machernis together with Matyukevich and Vitas is at us the leader of team - to these three and it was so heavy to pull game, and having appeared all together this task became at all almost impracticable. Other players, actually being doublers, too something tried to show, but experience obviously didn't suffice. Instead of the gathered points after the unsuccessful attacks we only received fast breaks from the rival. "

Head coach of MBK "Nikolaev" Vladimir Polyakh:

"Today the team wasn't faced by the purpose to win with such essential advantage, I only gave installation to players to carry out the pieces of game time with the maximum return and to try to bring the maximum result. That children executed my installation, and became the reason of such result. Certainly, it is a little a pity that Shepil was traumatized from Machernis and therefore lost a certain quantity of the game time".


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