Arguments for removal of an anathema from Mazepa "aren't maintained by critics", speak in UPTs MT

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In the Synod theological commission of the Moscow patriarchy don't agree with statements of the representative of the Ukrainian orthodox church the archimandrite Kirill (Chatterer) who has allowed possibility of removal of an anathema from the hetman Ivan Mazepa.

"It is compelled to note that the majority of arguments of the father Kirill isn't maintained by critics", - the member of the theological commission archpriest Andrey Novikov, the clergyman of the Odessa diocese of UPTs "declared on TuesdayTo Interfax - Religions".

Earlier the head of Department of external church relations of UPTs archimandrite Kirill (Chatterer) declared that cancellation of the decision on Mazepa's excommunication from Church is theoretically possible, as it carried especially political background. According to the father Kirill, and before happened that an anathema were cancelled, in particular, in a case with Old Believers.

Meanwhile, according to the archpriest Novikov, the link to cancellation "an anathema on Old Believers" as on an example of possibility of cancellation of an anathema of Mazepa "is insolvent for that simple reason that there was no cancellation anafy, imposed personally on leaders of old believe split, and oaths on ceremonies and containing them" were cancelled.

Personal an anathema can be cancelled only in case of a repentance anathematized, and Mazepa had no repentance, the priest reminded.

According to him, removal of an anathema from Mazepa would become "automatic recognition of basic possibility of a pogreshimost of Church and insolvency and others its anafy, in particular, an anathema to the pseudo-patriarch Kiev Philaret Denisenko".

The interlocutor of agency also expressed disagreement by that violation of an oath which Mazepa gave to Peter I, politicians, historians, instead of Church have to estimate.

"Violation of an oath is punished by canons of sacred Church, and therefore is an initial crime, in the same way, as well as oath violation by the former Kiev metropolitan Philaret Denisenko. Many local Churches anathematized during the most different historical periods of these or those persons for oath violation", - the father Andrey emphasized.

Its bewilderment caused also that the head of leading Synod department of UPTs partly rose in Mazepa's defense, having let know that that didn't enter alliance with the Lutheran.

"Mazepa was anathematized really for the union with the Lutheran that is the known fact, and I don't understand how it can be denied, and also not for transfer of temples to Lutherans, and that Karl brought by Mazepa "the sacred profaned places and ruined", is the also proved historic fact", - the father Andrey declared.

"Besides, the anathema to Mazepa is recorded in the divine service Legend of Church which can't be recognized wrong and be subject to revision", - the representative of the theological commission reminded.

He emphasized that if the mythologization of a question of Mazepa exists, not from Russian Orthodox Church, and from outside "some political circles of Ukraine blinded by nationalist hatred to Russia".


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