Merikov dismissed the director of KP "Nikolayevoblteploenergo" which accused the governor of corruption and in "introduction looking" at the enterprise

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Vladimir Bereznitsky
Director of the municipal enterprise «Nikolayevoblteploenergo» Vladimir Bereznitsky on Wednesday, January 28 wrote the letter of resignation at own will.

About it «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» staff of the enterprise reported.

We will remind, earlier, in December of last year Vladimir Bereznitsky declared that on request of the adviser to the chairman of the Nikolaev regional state administration Yaroslav Filatov at a position of deputy directors of KP «Nikolayevoblteploenergo» were entered two persons, so-called «looking» , which began to be engaged in attempts of withdrawal of funds from the enterprise, forcing employees to do kickbacks and «to deribanit» property. It was talked of deputies Igor Radchenko and Pavle Shpake.

As then Bereznitsky declared, on December 1, 2014 he wrote to the governor Vadim Merikov the application on dismissal as didn't want to bear responsibility for actions «his people». However, then the chairman Nikolaev YEAH didn't coordinate Bereznitsky's dismissal.

Now, as the staff of the enterprise reported, fulfills duties of the director of KP «Nikolayevoblteploenergo» the deputy on economy. Thus at the enterprise reported that «before the end of the week the issue with two deputies appointed on request of the adviser to the governor» has to be resolved - allegedly, they have to be dismissed.

In turn, Vladimir Bereznitsky in the comment  «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» I confirmed the dismissal. According to him, his first letter of resignation of December 1 and remained without consideration therefore on Monday, January 26, it wrote it repeatedly then on Thursday, January 28, the chairman YEAH Vadim Merikov issued the corresponding order about Bereznitsky's dismissal as agreed by the parties. 

- On Tuesday there was a meeting of the working group which carried out an inspection at our enterprise. On the working group I in principle apprehended all remarks, rose and told that wasn't confirmed announced by Filatov and his assistants squandering and plundering of means, dead souls, and all possible shortcomings which were hung up on our enterprise.At the same time my statement that I can't work and fulfill the duties for certain reasons wasn't considered at all. Therefore I in a consent of the parties don't want to continue work at the enterprise. I left, together with me the chief engineer and the deputy on operation left. Averkov's deputy fulfills my duties now, - Bereznitsky noted. 

According to him, before the leaving he dismissed one of the deputies appointed on request of the adviser to the governor from - for discrepancies of a post, however it now «goes on regional administration and tries to appeal against this order». 

- I dismissed one because of not compliance of a post and because passed a trial period, and he appeals against this business, goes on administration there. And the second twice already said that will write the application, but yesterday told me that «I was told to work till Friday». My condition was such that I leave, I give the enterprise with 10-ю in millions of profit, 2,5 million in the budget we pay income tax, the enterprise among 100 enterprises 17-ое in Ukraine, the first in the Nikolaev area, debts on a salary aren't present, accidents aren't present therefore I told that clean these two (the deputies appointed on request of the adviser to the governor - PN), and let the enterprise to itself quietly work. But meanwhile, it seems, as of today, these two still remained, - added already ex-the director Kp  «Nikolayeoblteploenergo».

We will remind that a situation with introduction so-called «looking from YEAH» occurs and on some other the Nikolaev municipal enterprises: «Nikolaev regional printing house» , KP «Nikolayevgaz» and others. Thus adviser to the governor of the Nikolaev area Yaroslav Filatov to journalists I claimed, as if heads of KP asked it to appoint by it deputies. 

Андрей Лохматов

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