These are hearings and gossips, - the head of the Nikolaev REGIONAL REGIONAL DEPARTMENT OF THE MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS about existence new "looking" in the region

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The chief of the Nikolaev regional management of militia Vitaly Goncharov called hearings and gossips information about so-called «looking» from the new power in Nikolaev.

He declared it during the press - conferences on Friday, January 30.

- To give an assessment to those hearings and those gossips which take place in society–not absolutely my task. Therefore there are at us organizations and groups of people who are engaged in it professionally therefore we will leave it on a payoff to them. As for information which arrives, connected with offenses and these persons in particular, «protection» there, requisitions and all the rest–all information arriving to us is registered. If there is place of this sort to violations where there are signs of a criminal offense, we register them in ERDR. Then it is possible to speak specifically, the event took place or had no, - Goncharov told.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the son ex-the governor of the Nikolaev area Nikolay Romanchuk Denis Romanchuk in spite of the fact that doesn't hold any official position, considers himself «the representative of the President of Ukraine on the Ship district of the city of Nikolaev»   also it is sure that can influence everything that occurs in the area. 

In particular, director of the MISINFORMATION municipal enterprise «Shipbuilder» Nikolay Plekhov claims that I got sick in hospital after «rigid» conversation with the son ex-the governor of the Nikolaev area Denis Romanchuk who accused the housing and communal services worker of domination of fleas in the house accountable to it. 

Besides, Denis Romanchuk it was got involved in Detsko's conflict - youthful sports improving complex round which with a new force danger of repartition is developed. 

Besides, the already ex-the director of KP «Nikolayevoblteploenergo» Vladimir Bereznitsky I declared that in the fall of 2014 the adviser to the governor of the Nikolaev area Yaroslav Filatov forced it to appoint «to the enterprise of twothe» deputies who as Bereznitsky speaks, began to try to bring means out of the enterprise and to be engaged «deribany» property.

Also it was reported that heads of regional administrations of the Nikolaev area dispatched official «letters of happiness» to heads of farms with the requirement to transfer them money of 3 hryvnias from each earth hectare which is available for them.

However, the chief militiaman of the Nikolaev area considers all this as hearings therefore no response to these facts from law enforcement agencies, obviously, is present and wasn't.

- At the level of hearings, at the level of the discussions attached to some odious figures in the city of Nikolaev to give an assessment to these hearings, volume as these people of position, it won't be absolutely correct for my part. If these facts are registered and proved, I will tell that they are. So far they aren't recorded, and so far they aren't proved, to discuss and argue that occurs in the parallel worlds–it is not my task and not my prerogative, - the colonel Vitaly Goncharov added.

We will remind, earlier, at the previous power then being the People's Deputy of Ukraine Gennady Moskal declared that  «looking» in the Nikolaev area there was a governor Nikolay Kruglov who himself and designated -  «the only thing looking behind the Nikolaev area» , the appointed Victor Yanukovych.

In addition, that I positioned myself, as declared in GUBOP, Nikolaev businessman Igor Naumenko.

Besides, the former chief of the Nikolaev regional management of militia general - the major Valentin Parsenyuk in due time I declared that «where is «looking» , there is no lawlessness» , thus claiming that in the Nikolaev area isn't present any «looking» , and is only «legalizirovanny businessmen». 

Mayor of Nikolaev of that time Vladimir Chaika also I admitted that knows Nikolaev  «looking» as businessmen. 

Later, in April, 2014 then still the People's Deputy of Ukraine Sergey Tigipko also I declared that in Nikolaev, as well as in other regions of Ukraine, at the time of Victor Yanukovych's board, worked so-called «looking» , in a shadow the coordinating processes in areas between all authorities and business.

In January, 2014 Sergey Isakov, the former deputy of the Nikolaev city council and ex-the mayoral candidate of Nikolaev and People's Deputies also I spoke that  «all decisions in the City Council are made former «looking» from the president» , meaning Nikolay Kruglov. 

Андрей Лохматов

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