The vessel "Princess Elena" again passed on the deep-water channel "Danube — the Black Sea"

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The vessel "Princess Elena" passed on the deep-water ship course (DWSC) "Danube-Black Sea" already in 14-й time, reports a press - service "The Delta — the Pilot". The passenger motor ship performs charter flights on Dzhurdzhuleshta's route - Istanbul - Dzhurdzhuleshta. It is the only Moldavian regular line, and while the first vessel which constantly goes on the Ukrainian GSH.

According to the agent - the representative of Treyderintrans firm, - a route on a deep-water ship course Danube - the Black Sea was much more comfortable. The vessel can pass through the sea approach canal and a muzzle "Fast" at any time whereas the entrance to the Romanian Sulinsky channel is closed after 14 o'clock in the afternoon.

- Vessel anchor on all night long. The delay in a way very much irritates passengers, - the representative of firm - the agent Timur Kravchenko speaks.

The captain of a vessel and the shipowner are happy with a route by the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta also. And not only because for them it is a patriotism question (both are Ukrainians). Calling the Sulinsky channel is accompanied by the preliminary commission from customs officers and frontier guards. The route of "Princess Elena" on GSH "Danube — the Black Sea" goes as transit goods.

The first flight to Istanbul took place the motor ship the Romanian Sulinsky channel, but a way back (on March 23, 2009) chose through the Ukrainian course on a muzzle "Fast". Pilots of EMLS "Danube" work at vessel conducting on GSH. The first on March 23 I led "Princess Elena" from an exit to the sea to Dzhurdzhuleshta's passenger terminal on the river. Art. rod pilot Yury Altaysky.

- In spite of the fact that to a vessel already nearly 20 years, it very good: good controllability, perfectly works crew. With conducting there are no problems. Deposit of the motor ship of only 3,6 m, and on the sea approach channel we carry out vessels with an osadka and more than five meters so there is a place for maneuver, - the skilled pilot Yu. Altaysky speaks.

Besides, GSH "Danube — the Black Sea" is safer, than the Sulinsky channel. The Ukrainian GSH passes through the natural course. If the wheel suddenly refused, at most, that can occur - the vessel will wash ashore. On Sulin such situation won't do without hole: the channel narrow, its coast are concreted.

- I drove many years vessels across Danube and I can compare:for navigation the muzzle "Fast" safer, - is told by Yu. Altaysky.

The muzzle "Fast" on which passes GSH "Danube — the Black Sea", is more interesting and to passengers. Especially now, in the spring. Natural coast are covered with fresh greens, it is a lot of birds. So for passengers travel 174 km long on a picturesque Danube sleeve takes place pleasantly.

REFERENCE. The Princess Elena motor ship flying the flag Sierra - Leon (the port of registry Freetown) contains 165 passengers and 500 tons of freight. The vessel goes on Dzhurdzhuleshta's route - Istanbul - Dzhurdzhuleshta weekly. Cruise is calculated on 5 days: 32 hours of transition by sea and two days of parking in Istanbul.


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