In Nikolaev the court arrested the Russian journalist for photography of armored plant

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Journalist Andrey Zakharchuk
On Thursday, February 12, in the Central district court of the city of Nikolaev the investigative judge Dmitry Tishko decided to detain the Russian journalist Andrey Zakharchuk to whom the SBU imputes high treason. 

The correspondent reports about it «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» from the courtroom.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that on February 10 this year in Nikolaev SBU I detained the citizen of Ukraine working as the journalist in Russia, having opened on it criminal proceedings as regards 1 article 111 of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Today, on February 12, the investigative department of Management of Security service of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area submitted the petition to the Central regional court of Nikolaev for election of a measure of restraint To Andrey Zakharchuk in the form of detention. 

During a meeting the representative of the state charge read this petition, according to which 25-summer Andrey Zakharchuk working journalists in Russian Federal news agency and Petersburg edition «Nevsky news» , in January - February of the current year I visited some cities of Ukraine - Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk.

According to data of a consequence after that it arrived to Nikolaev where made on the camera pictures of Ingulsky and foot bridges, Shipbuilding plant of a name of 61 Communards and GP «Nikolaev armored plant» , which security service specialists detained the journalist during photographing.

Andrey Zakharchuk and his lawyer

The prosecutor noted that according to the Resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of January 27 the Russian Federation is recognized by the state - an aggressor. Thus the consequence imputes to the journalist work on an aggressor and as he is the citizen of Ukraine, that, according to law enforcement agencies, he acted in defiance of article 65 of the Constitution of Ukraine according to which protection of the Homeland, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, respect of its state symbols is a duty of citizens of Ukraine. 

Thus, it is claimed that the Federal news agency is the propaganda edition which overwinds the facts concerning Ukraine, creates wrong opinion on Ukraine and kindles separatist sentiments among Ukrainians. Proceeding from it, on February 11 to Zakharchuk it was declared how the prosecutor told, reasonable suspicion.

Withdrew the camera «from the journalistNikon D700» , tablet and laptop. The prosecutor noted that in equipment of the journalist correspondence which confirms his belonging to the Russian news agency was revealed.

State charge also noted that the Nikolaev armored plant and plant of a name of 61 Communards are strategic to objects and the enterprises, entering into State concern «Ukrobronprom». 

In turn, the lawyer of the journalist focused attention that Andrey Zakharchuk is a journalist and that photography and collection of information is its professional duties. Also he noted that activity of journalists is protected by a number of the international legal acts, in particular article 10 of the European convention on human rights and article 19 of the Universal declaration on human rights. 

Zakharchuk's defender noted that arrest of the foreign journalist can do much harm to image of Ukraine on the international scene. 

The suspect declared that he didn't send the taken pictures to Russia and wasn't going to do it. He noted that he didn't know that it is impossible to photograph armored plant and Ingulsky Bridge. On the judge's question, why it photographed the Nikolaev armored plant, Zakharchuk answered that it wasn't a direct task of edition, and that he is mute it learned during communication with the resident of Nikolaev which he asked, what enterprises work in Nikolaev today, on what told it that today the armored plant actively works. 

Lawyer of Andrey Zakharchuk
Fathers of the journalist and his girlfriend Natalya

In a question of election of a measure of restraint to the journalist, the prosecutor Kozyrev asked court to appoint to it detention, having reasoned it that in Russia Zakharchuk has social communications with various segments of the population, and supposedly if he remains on freedom, will be able to run away from a consequence to the Russian Federation, where to continue the activity  «on undermining defense capability of the state».

The lawyer of the journalist appealed to the prosecutor that in Russia the journalist has no relatives, the wife or children, and that social communications at it just - in Ukraine where at it there live parents. 

Having heard the parties, the judge Dmitry Tishko issued the decree according to which to Andrey Zakharchuk the measure of restraint in the form of arrest for a period of up to April 11 of the current year inclusive is chosen.

It should be noted that the journalist is Ukrainian, was born in the Kirovograd area and lived in the settlement Yellow waters of the Dnepropetrovsk area where today there live his parents. A few years ago in job searches it went to St. Petersburg where at first I worked as the waiter, in then was arranged the journalist as long ago I wanted to work in this profession. 

To court session there arrived the journalist's father Vasily Zakharchuk. According to him, the editor gave to Andrey a task to visit the cities of Ukraine, where to interrogate locals about their today's life. Vasily showed one of articles of the son about Odessa where there is nothing prejudicious but only only the description of about what people speak. As the journalist's father speaks, Andrey on the contrary tried to write always articles from Ukraine, smoothing acute angles and when sent it for the anti-Ukrainian actions in Russia, he refused as the citizen of Ukraine. 

Анастасия Баранова

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