"Historian" Litvin is convinced that the history needs to be adjusted to "perception of veterans"

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To Vladimir Mikhaylovichit was necessary to publish only the textbook under the edition "History for veterans of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs with pictures".

Chairman of the Verkhovna RadaVladimir Litvinnotes need of preservation of the historical truth at an assessment of events of the Great Patriotic War.

About it it is told in the message a press - Rada services.

He expressed such opinion on Friday during a meeting with veterans of the Second World War and heroes of the USSR.

"There is speculation, there is an impetuous desire to impose the estimates, the heroes, to change memory of people, lessons of war aren't considered, in society there is no unity... It can't be allowed. While the history is live, memory, live and our people" is live, - he emphasized.

Thus the speaker condemned practice of copying of history under definite political and personal purposes.

LitvinI noted that veterans categorically disagree with ideologems imposed to them, according to him, about events of war and demand not to allow history copyings.

"I am convinced that this their right, these facts of life of people who stood, won, it is necessary to leave such with what it is perceived by veterans. To it has to induce memory of people who were lost during war", - he told.

From "Regional committee": We will remind that g - N Litvin is considered the historian and the author of the whole a lot of any books. Vladimir Mikhaylovich graduated from department of history of the Kiev state university (1978). It was twice protected: the master's thesis "Activity of Communist party of Ukraine in improvement of training of teachers of public disciplines (1966-1975 рр. ) " (1984), doctoral dissertation "Political arena of Ukraine: Characters and performers (Socially - political development of Ukraine in the second half 90-x years)" (1995).


In 1978-1986 and 1991-1994 I taught at the Kiev university, in 1986-1989 - the head of department of the Ministry of the higher and secondary vocational education of Ukraine.

Doctor of historical sciences, corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (department of history, philosophy and right, the contemporary history of Ukraine. 12.1997 ), honored worker of science and equipment of Ukraine (1998.) as the expert in history and political science deals with problems of history of the power.


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