Our dear veterans! Accept a congratulation on a great holiday - the Victory Day!

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This day we remember fallen and live, soldiers and civilians - everything thanks to whom the victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 was won. Passed more than 60 years, but events of a wartime aren't forgotten - they are live in memoirs of veterans, are imprinted on pages of books. Memory of tragic days passes from father to son, and we have to keep it.

May 9 - Day of a legendary victory over fascism in the Great Patriotic War and Day of memory of the lost soldiers. This Day of the Great Victory celebrate not only veterans of the Great Patriotic War, but also their children, grandsons, great-grandsons.

The history of this great holiday once again will remind all of us of heroism and patriotism of all defenders of our Homeland. The Victory Day is a holiday in honor of all those who presented to us the world on this earth!

The holiday became on May 9 sacred for each of us. There is no family by which the grief wouldn't touch. Thousands of soldiers left on the front, thousands our fellow countrymen worked in the back. By protection of the Fatherland rose all people and managed to defend the right for peace life. How we disposed of this main gain, whether could be worthy the Great Victory? Everyone has to ask such question to itself(himself). To protect the homeland, to be patriots - the senior generation quite so teaches us to live.

What would be our future in case of other outcome of war? It was succeeded to uphold the peace in fight against fascist aggressors at the price of improbable efforts, huge victims. Fight not against the certain state or the people, and against distribution of destructive misanthropic ideology was conducted. Today, unfortunately, it is possible to meet its manifestations: bitterly to see when people don't study at history.

Therefore we have to remember the past and thank the senior generation for the Great Victory. It is paid by million lives, tears of the family. Thanks fallen and live. Thanks and low bow to all our veterans, home front workers.

Edition "Crime.Is NOT PRESENT" congratulates all on a holiday on May 9! Happiness, health, wellbeing! Thanks for the peace sky over our heads!


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