Oleg Alyokhin: "It isn't obligatory to call two gays by a family, let such union be considered marriage, but with recognition of the rights of these people"

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For today, on May 15, in Nikolaev Iridescent Spring festival opening with participation of gays and lesbians was planned. As his organizer the Nikolaev association of gays, lesbians and bisexuals "League" which exists in the city here 13 years acted. It is the first the gay - the organization which has been officially registered in Ukraine.

However yesterday, on May 14 the Central district court under the chairmanship ofVladimir AleynikovI satisfied the claim of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies and I forbade carrying out this mass action in the city of shipbuilders. And "нетрадициалам" it was recommended "фестивалить" in the closed rooms that "not to corrupt and not to shock the public".

About that in response to this decision "League", and also about activity of this organization "Crime plans to undertake. Is NOT PRESENT" the head of Association Oleg Alyokhin agreed to tell.

- Oleg how you can comment on the court resolution?

- Pressure was put upon the judge, same it is obvious. Throughout all process offensive attacks to our representatives didn't stop. It isn't surprising, what during the first day the court couldn't make the decision, after all the judge Aleynikov and could understand, what for action is planned and what the executive committee opposes? Our arguments and remained unaddressed against pressure from opponents.

And here for the second day the position of court was created in a "due" way, in interests of the city power. Moreover - at once after pronouncement of the resolution I told to the judge that we plan to challenge it in Appellate court. On what received the answer: "Try, you can though tomorrow to send the appeal to Odessa". Unfortunately, everything that we weren't in time is made.

I can tell only one - we so won't leave this judgment. Our association made the decision to address in the European Court of Human Rights. Experience of consideration of similar affairs there already is therefore now we are compelled to protect the rights at the international level. This court ended not in our advantage, but our victory already that we compelled the authorities lawfully, through court to express the attitude towards us and even if to forbid something - that legally.Besides, we for the first time had an opportunity to sound the position.

- So, the court is lost. The festival is cancelled? ! ?

- In that look which it was planned initially - it won't be. But in some places will pass the separate actions planned within a festival. After all in the course of preparation a great job was done, rooms are leased, guests are invited, the list of actions is approved. So it is possible to say that it will take place, only will be a little modified. By the way, it already the second case when to us didn't allow to carry out it - last year we too tried, unless not in such scale.

- Oleg, you assume, what the congestion of people of nonconventional orientation in one place can provoke inadequate reaction of the public?

- A month ago at us there took place a party with participation of nearly 120 people. Actors were invited to it too, guests from the different cities of Ukraine gathered. But to anybody and to mind didn't come to arrange provocations! And it at all didn't disturb public peace. In general, there are two forms of a protest: to put the opinion into words or by violence. But not to allow transformation of any mass action into public disorders is a task of the city authorities and law enforcement agencies.

- As a whole, the program of a festival declared by you differs nothing from other similar actions. Unless the travesty - show caused very ambiguous reaction of opponents … What all - was a main objective "Iridescent spring" and that you want to achieve? It is promotion or protection of the rights?

- Well you, be afraid God … What best of all breaks barriers? Culture. Such cultural - sporting events we also planned: football match among women's teams, poetic evening, a photo exhibition. Than, tell, it is bad, poetic evening? Yes, our festival is a promotion … Healthy lifestyle! We want to show that our interests differ nothing from hobbies of the people practicing traditional sex. We want to destroy stereotypes, after all the vast majority associates us only with concepts HIV and AIDS. And we have also other illnesses - as well as all other people. We play soccer, we read verses. In our ranks there are a lot of successful creative people, businessmen - those who succeeded in this life, irrespective of the sexual orientation.Besides, what bad in if people come to look at the travesty - culture? And it is culture! A half of clubs of the city order the travesty - shows which are watched by ordinary people, heterosexualists - and anything bad in it don't see. But when such initiative proceeds from our organization, certainly, it is perceived in bayonets. Because in society the homophobia …

is strong

- Here you told about a homophobia. As far as I know, fight against it - also one of the festival purposes. And in what the homophobia is expressed in relation to representatives of sexual minorities?

- It is one of fear forms, and as well as others - xenophobia, an arabofobiya and other ideas of something - it is based on fear. Last year the Kiev Center of social examinations was engaged in researches of this question, and we have a mass of the facts of various ban. People restrain in their rights. This time to us forbade to hold a festival. We will work in the closed circle. But for today in Nikolaev there are no the closed clubs, any the gay - institutions. You know, we had a good slogan "The Culture Has No Borders, and Sports — out of Prejudices". Champions, actors after all don't ask, what it sexual orientation? But to us even refused the room with words "To us after you the dishes should be washed! ". And it too - an indicator of our culture and awareness of society. Others refused to spoil reputation of an institution for fear. There are some cases when hotels of Nikolaev, the Crimea refused to us the settlement. But all of us equally find those who was able to perceive us as normal clients. So in life the homophobia is shown everywhere. Having learned that the employee the gay or the lesbian - them discharge from office, suggesting to write the application at own will. Put psychological pressure, afford offensive attacks in their address, write, call. All this is very negatively reflected in human health.

- Certainly …, but then can be in order to avoid such here sad consequences simply you shouldn't advertize the orientation so widely? After all and participation in a festival, and membership in "League" is some kind of demonstration of belonging to number of supporters of nonconventional sex?

- And we also don't advertize, and association in League happened only to the purpose of protection of the rights.How, for example, the person who experiences difficulties in society, can learn about us? We are deprived of opportunity to act on television, to us refuse granting air, take ready interview off the air. And as a part of association it is simpler to us to defend the rights. You understand, all know, for example, that the main thing in any relations is a constancy. To avoid any infections, including, sexual, - the constant sexual partner is necessary. But at people of homosexual orientation, already isn't present living together a little, today there is no opportunity to legalize the relations. Therefore their rights need protection. At all it isn't obligatory to call such union a family, let it will be recognized by the marriage union, but with recognition of the rights of such people.

- Whether there are in your ranks cases of formation of same-sex families? How in such families the problem of the birth and education of children is solved?

Yes, of course, there are such couples. And they want to have children. But for today it is a big problem which they solve by own efforts. Girls, for example, get acquainted with couple of children who also live a family any more the first year, and resolve this issue by means of doctors by artificial insemination EKO. By the way, professional doctors who not so surely have homosexual orientation too work for us in association. Simply they go about the own business and have idea of human rights. But on a way to motherhood of the girl face a serious problem. According to the Ukrainian legislation, the woman can't resort to free artificial insemination if she has no reference that she can't become pregnant a natural way. What already to speak about guys? Man's couples too want to have children. For them even process of adoption is impossible. But after all the main thing that the child will grow in a family, and presence of parents - homosexuals at all doesn't mean that he becomes same. It is already proved, as in heterosexual couples homosexual children are born. Yes, in due time children will have difficulties in society when it is necessary to explain why you have two fathers or two mothers … But allow these people to solve the problems …

- Oleg, here you here mentioned God … Whether there are among you believers?

- Certainly. There are also those who goes to churches, besides in the world already there are churches which support gays and lesbians.

- … but after all the traditional church everything is condemns homosexuality? In the Bible it is told that the relations of the man with the man is a nasty thing before God. Someone from you talked about it to the priest?

- Here before God also we will answer. Anybody after all doesn't ask entering church, what it sexual orientation? Yes, the traditional church doesn't welcome, says that it is a sin. She speaks if you confess - you will be forgiven. Besides the church grants an option, and all of us should confess in God's Court. And we have the right to visit church, nobody can forbid us it. I personally - the believing person. But it is my life and only to me to solve, as it to live. It is possible not to share someone's belief, but nobody grants the right to hang up labels. Condemnation is not a smaller sin. I will repeat - we will answer before God, but not before people. Aren't judged - yes you won't be judged …

Larisa Dachevskaya talked.


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