Nikolayevtsa today bowed to Saint Spiridon Trimifuntsky's relics

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At Sacredly - the Mikhaylovsky temple some hundred people of the people gathered for the area of Lenin of five o'clock in the evening. People waited when will bring Saint Spiridon Trimifuntsky's relics. Tension increased every minute. Despite it, it was succeeded to keep the joyful atmosphere.

At last the car with relics approached. The Greek priests reported small to a cancer to the Archbishop Nikolayevsky and Voznesensky Pitirim.

To see to a cancer with relics, believers climbed up benches and from there watched the events, prayed and echoed chorus. Many brought to the temple of small children. Soon nuns in black clothes approached.

Having served a public prayer, the procession moved along Soviet.

There was a moment when the man, on appearance reminding the bum, kneeled in the middle of Soviet before a procession. When fathers closely came nearer to it, it rose and, judging by gestures, asked... money. Fathers accurately removed the man aside.

Near park of pensioners the procession curtailed on Big Sea. People having a rest at this time in park continued to drink beer, watching a procession and listening to chants. By the way, the chorus sang prayers so loudly that muffled music from bars on Soviet which owners of entertaining institutions "forgot" to switch off beforehand.

Having curtailed on Lyagin, the procession went to the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos. There the procession was expected already by believers. Police officers blocked an entrance to the temple. Believers so densely crowded near church that the crush almost began. Nevertheless, even standing in dangerous crowd, in the face of some people tears were visible. Though some even were indignant with that the queue to relics in which they so long stood, is broken. The turn in some ranks stood from the temple and to Potemkinskaya Street.

We will remind that Saint Spiridon Trimifuntsky's relics will be in church on Lyagin till May 20. The temple will be open until believers will come. Probably, God's doors of the House won't be closed even at night. The secretary Arkhiyepiskopa Nikolayevskogo and Voznesensky Pitirim the father Pyotr promised that the temple will work to the last parishioner.


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