The Jewish organization forbade to tell the Lvov school students about the Holocaust

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Jewish non-governmental organizationHesed Aryeforbade to tell the Lvov school students about the Holocaust, reports Jewish News.

According to the edition, the project within which to seniors showed the movie about genocide of Jews in the years of World War II, caused indignation of local office All-Ukrainian association Freedom.

Head of the Lvov cell of FreedomIvan GryndaI sent inquiry in which accused organizers of lectures of the anti-Ukrainian activity to prosecutor's office. In this document, it, in particular, wrote: "In November, 2008 in Public school No. 10 with teaching in Polish to the address Lviv, General Chuprinki St., 1 the shameful anti-Ukrainian and antistate provocation organized by Jewish society Hesed Arye took place.

Grynda's indignation was caused, in particular, by frames of the chronicle on which the women dressed in the Ukrainian national dresses welcome the Hitlerite armies which have entered Lviv.

Jewish News writes that the prosecutor's office investigated month this case, but came to a conclusion that the crime structure in lessons about the Holocaust isn't present. Nevertheless, on directors of the schools giving these classes, pressure was put from local authorities. So, directors of the mentioned Polish school blamed that it "let in Jews the institution without coordination with department of education". Intervention of the Polish diplomats could rescue it from dismissal only.

However on it the history didn't end: in the Lvov City Council at the initiative of Freedom one more commission which sent the movie shown to school students about crimes of nazis for examination was created.

After that in Hesed Arye the letter in which it was told arrived that to fund forbade to hold any events at the Lvov schools. In the explanation it was said that the movie about the Holocaust contains cruelty scenes therefore it can't be shown to children.

The deputy city chairman of Lviv on humanitarian affairs Vasily Kosiv commented on a situation so: "The matter is that claims concerned not stories, not lessons which they conducted, and the movie.The movie was recognized by experts, as not answering to an age category of children, the program, and not promoting tolerance and mutual understanding".

As it was reported, All-Ukrainian association Freedomdeclares that won't allow unpunished actions украинофобов.


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