The Nikolaev militiamen – an example for work with aged people

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Recently in Kiev there was an All-Ukrainian conference "Protection of the Rights and Interests of Elderly People in Ukraine" which was organized by public organization "Care about Aged in Ukraine". Representatives of the Ministry of Labour and social policy of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and heads of departments of local militia inspectors of ten areas of Ukraine took part in it - where the public organization "Care of the Aged" has the branches.

At conference results of researches which were conducted during 2008 - the beginnings of 2009 by this public organization concerning an assessment people of advanced years the attitude towards them different government institutions were presented. It appeared that activity of public authorities as a whole didn't satisfy 47%, among them both local governments, and social services, and services of social protection, and health care bodies.

At the same time the smallest dissatisfaction (namely 20% of respondents) in relation to employees of militia is expressed by people of advanced years. As participants of conference explain, such situation is caused by that employees of militia respond on addresses which are done by people of advanced years and always listen to their problems.

It is clear that the militia isn't able to solve the majority of questions with which people of respectable age address as they don't enter to their competence. But guards can always listen, advise, redirect a problem to competent authorities

One more stunning figure sounded at conference - 26% of respondents specify that they are absolutely not happy with the relations in a family, namely the address of members of families to people of advanced years. It appeared that the question of domestic violence - is extremely actual for elderly people.

So fact, local militia inspectors give a maximum of attention to problems of people of advanced years.In the Nikolaev area for the purpose of the prevention of criminal encroachments of rather lonely persons of advanced years and ensuring control in this area of work in February, 2009 management of public safety of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in area developed and sent to area law-enforcement bodies the plan "Working actions for improvement of work for the prevention and disclosure of the crimes made concerning persons of old age for 2009".

Besides, verifications withare carried outHead department of work and social protection of the population of the Nikolaev regional state administration concerning number of recipients of pensions and lonely disabled persons on the Nikolaev area in a section of the cities and areas. As a whole behind results of these verifications on the Nikolaev area the number of recipients of pension makes 326891 persons, from what 11508 lonely disabled citizens.Unfortunately, there are cases when to the person the pension doesn't reach as it is taken away by children and grandsons. As we see, there is a considerable circle of problem questions which people of respectable age need to help to solve.

At conference concrete steps concerning cooperation of public organizations with the regional Departments of Internal Affairs were discussed. In particular, representatives of the "Care about Aged in Ukraine" organization wish to develop special methodical materials which would help with communication to employees of militia with people of advanced years (unfortunately together with department of local militia inspectors, to it don't teach in educational institutions). Also the help in creation of booklets for people of advanced years "How to protect the rights" where methodical recommendations how to work in difficult situations and in what bodies will be provided to address in case of problems is necessary to them.


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