In Nikolaev on the Pushkin ring of people in a suit of times of Potemkin shot from a self-made gun

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Probably, you already had to see on streets of Nikolaev the man in a fancy dress, in a hat with feathers, with the twirled moustaches both the doubled small beard moreover and rolling for yourselves on the wooden cart a gun. And the gun - that shoots. Moreover, this man who calls itself Alex Lavli, and made it, the hands. And his friend - not less mysterious Igor - the hands built the wooden cart. On a question who such, Alex answers:

- I am a representative of the most ancient profession. Here you know, what it for a profession? This pottery. I am a ceramist. My friend can, anything to make of a tree, and I - anything, from clay. Then remembered how in Sevastopol there were parades, too such guns fake did and people amused.

Friends combined efforts, and created here such composition. And the suit Alexa was sewed by handymen from Tandem studio.

- And that the most ridiculous - nobody asks who sewed clothes. And nobody asks where I took a gun, - Alex speaks. - However, drunk sometimes ask. I speak, in a kitchen garden dug out. Trust, little fools. Then will knock on a gun: "It wooden". I speak, you...

Now Alex Lavli prepares for an exhibition of own works. But where and when it will pass while it isn't known. In such suit and with a gun it takes to the streets to amuse people.

- I was simply dug in a workshop. To me there anybody doesn't smile very much, - the ceramist admits. - I at first thought, I resemble on May 1 and all right. On the contrary, it was pleasant to stand, collect smiles. It it is fascinating. Here it would seem that such emotions...

Alex doesn't take money that with him are photographed. But if who wants to look as the gun shoots, it is necessary to pay 30 hryvnias - for a cartridge.

Alex showed operability of "weapon". About seven o'clock in the evening on May 22 we with Alex came to the Pushkin ring, he established a gun, set fire and cried: "Salute to you, Nikolaev! " The gun shot towards the carriageway on some meters. From passing at this moment by cars unambiguous shouts were heard illegible, but.

(we watch video)

- I as the artist noticed that things in which it is integrated both man's, and a feminine enjoy special popularity, - Alex speaks. - Here here (proves to be on and to a down) too it is possible to call it sculptural composition "A vagrant sign of the past". And here the gun is man's. And feathers ostrich is female. People when see, already fall out of window leaves of passing transport.

The plate is attached to a wheel of the cart with two phone numbers - Alex and his friend Igor.

Soon the ceramist plans for some time to leave Nikolaev - to go to Kiev, and then, most likely, will cease to amuse people on streets and to collect their smiles.


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