In Chernovetsky's world: besides that the elephant Vasya grew fat as a cat Jascha, – it also a paw learn to give

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Elephant of Fight who lives in the Kiev zoo, plan to put into a diet and to teach to cut independently nails.

Berzin's director of the Kiev zoo Svetlana reported to journalists about it today.

According to her, the diet is necessary for an elephant not only because he too heavy - 6,5 tons - for the Indian elephant which weigh in the conditions of the wild nature of 3,5-4 tons, but also from - that the vegetable food will provide smaller increase of nail fabric standing an animal.

Berzin reported that during carrying out a pedicure there were some problems with removal of an elephant from an anesthesia. Experts from Germany who performed operation, told that the elephant can not sustain the following such operation with an anesthesia.

Except an anesthesia, according to her, also it is necessary to consider age of Fight (39 years). In this regard experts advised to train an elephant that he naturally erased accruing bone fabric.

Now in the Kiev zoo develop a special diet which won't contain proteinaceous food: will exclude from the Fight diet potatoes, bread. The main food will consist of leaves, branches and a grass. Besides, the part of the open-air cage where there lives an elephant will be equipped with the special filter. Behind this filter the special rigid surface by means of which the part of a nail will be removed will be equipped. It is provided that in the screen the opening to which the animal will give a foot and the keeper will be made (the person who is looking after an elephant) will help Fight to do a pedicure. Elephant feet want to teach to give, and this procedure with nails will be daily for him.

As explained Berzin, the filter is necessary from - that at an elephant very rigid character and therefore it is necessary to provide protection of the keeper.


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