"He made everything not to allow bloodshed", - Coba about the lieutenant colonel Sychev who is interrogated about dispersal of the Nikolaev Maidan

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Valery Coba
The deputy chief of a municipal government of militia, the lieutenant colonel Oleg Sychev who is interrogated now on the case of Evromayadan's dispersal in Nikolaev, made everything not to allow bloodshed.

Such opinion in interview «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» the deputy chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Valery Coba stated. 

It should be noted that according to edition, the deputy chief of a municipal government of militia concerning public safety Oleg Sychev is one of persons involved in criminal proceedings upon dispersal of Euromaidan in Nikolaev, which occurred November 22, 2013. According to «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» , Sycheva is planned to be declared suspicion in commission of this crime - abuse of office. 

At the same time, according to Valery of Coba, then Oleg Sychev made everything not to allow bloodshed.

- My personal opinion that constantly try to involve militia in policy. That is, to drag on some party. Therefore the main objective and credo which everyone has to have,–we recited the oath to the people of Ukraine. People of Ukraine it different: there are people with one political views, but there are people and with other political views. It is impossible to recite the oath to the people of Ukraine which shares one political views, thus to ignore other people of Ukraine. That is, we recited to all people of Ukraine the oath. Therefore Oleg Sychev who is interrogated now, made then everything in order that there was no bloodshed. When I communicated with it, he told me: «When I heard that there calls for help began, during this pushing or a stamping, I gave command to stop after that everything ended. We didn't collect any tents, carried away nothing». For today it is necessary to take all measures in order that the militia wasn't involved in policy. Our task, in particular those who on streets,–to protect a public order, not to allow that beat the person because he doesn't share any political views.Thus it is necessary not to allow commission of offenses or crimes in independence of the one who makes them. The indulgence as that shouldn't be, - I noted Coba.

Oleg Sychev
Thus he added that can't tell that group of militia headed by the militia lieutenant colonel Oleg Sychev violated in some way the Criminal code.

- If to be frank, whether are comparable dispersal of Euromaidan in Nikolaev and dispersal of Euromaidan in Kiev? It seems to me, well as - that doesn't correspond: there are so much death as with one, and on the other hand, at what mass application and firearms, specifics and all the rest. We as far as I saw, at police officers had no weapon and specifics, nobody applied them, hand-to-hand fight wasn't applied. On videos, including your channel, there explanatory work went after that there arrived the inspectorate for improvement of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies which made protocols, wanted to enter, take away tents and so on. Employees of militia to them provided access, and on everything that occurred further now law enforcement agencies are engaged, the prosecutor's office is engaged. I don't consider that here it is necessary to settle some scores. I wouldn't respect myself if I didn't tell it: the same lieutenant colonel Sychev who now in principle costs on a side and I don't know, what decision on it will be made, this person himself personally rescued the same Maidan when it was driven anti-Maidan protesters with sticks: it stood with our children in a cordon. The same lieutenant colonel rescued regional administration when pro-Russian citizens wanted it to take on April 7. I think that there would be no dispersal even on April 7 if these people didn't want to seize administration. There all would be solved within criminal case on attempt of capture or in courts. Once again I will tell that our main objective was–not to allow bloodshed, - I summarized Coba.

Also, he noted that militia together with the city authorities I did everything in order that in the lawful way to transfer «Anti-Maidan» , which was formed near a monument to Heroes - to olshanets.

- I consider that absolutely foolish idea then visited some residents, and they believed that the monument to Heroes - to olshanets will communicate allegedly. It is a nonsense, I always spoke and I will say that in Nikolaev sacredly revere memory of those who really was at war and was lost for the peace sky.It is necessary to tell that we with the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies through courts repeatedly tried to transfer lawfully a place of a dislocation of those people who stated different political views, but courts didn't meet requirements of us. Those five hundred people who on April 7, just for the Lady Day, arrived thus ( dispersed the tent town of anti-Maidan protesters about a monument to Heroes - to olshanets, - PN), I consider executed already will of the people, and the militia could interfere with will of the people simply not, - the deputy chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area noted.

We will remind, in night with 22 for November 23 police officers under the leadership of the chief of the Nikolaev municipal government of that time of militia Oleg Shevchuk went storm to some tens participants of peaceful protest action and from the second attempt demolished tents, placed into Lenin's square within Euromaidan, meeting of opposition forces. Thus between law enforcement authorities and protesters a fight was started, in which three persons suffered.

More than a year upon dispersal of the Nikolaev Euromaidan no investigation was conducted. Only reaction the prosecutor of the city of Nikolaev Yury Paliya there was an introduction representation to the chief of the Central regional department of militia of Nikolaev by results of which consideration the management of regional department of militia brought to a disciplinary responsibility «guilty official». Besides Paly appointed at Pshonke declared that any dispersal of activists allegedly not was. 

As a result business was it is begun by prosecutor's office of area only year and four months later after dispersal, and only after Vladimir holding a position of the prosecutor of the Nikolaev area Komashko was translated back to Kiev, and a vacant place Vyacheslav Krivovyaz borrowed.

In turn the senior inspector of department of public safety of a gorupravleniye of militia, the lieutenant colonel Sergey Mazunin who also was on Lenin Square at the time of dispersal, later time in the comment told journalists that they had to take down ill-fated tent from - for a political situation and the top management of militia didn't wish, that people gathered.

- The senior management didn't want that there were tents. We didn't disperse the people. We demanded nothing from ourselves personally. There is a legislation and the administrative code.We didn't show any bias. Yes, there was a pushing off. But all conflict was from - for establishments of tents. And then people normally stood. In other days there was a barrel. Too there were collisions, - the senior inspector of department of public safety of a gorupravleniye of militia, the lieutenant colonel Sergey Mazunin told.

As a result, a month later after dispersal of the Maidan, the chief of a gorupravleniye of that time of militia Oleg Shevchuk was dismissed from law-enforcement bodies. I took its place Valery Coba. 

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