In three months in the Nikolaev area of 83 mothers and fathers lost the parental rights

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Today inNikolaev area, as well as as a whole across Ukraine, children become orphans at live parents. To this problem it was devoted a press - conference of a forum of labor unions, officials and the militiamen, taken place in Nikolaev on June 1.

- Ukraine takes leading positions in Europe by number of children who are in residential institutions, - the head of the Nikolaev regional organization stated the National forum of labor unions of UkraineIgor Makhinya.

Despite that gradually the number of such children in area decreases, the statistics remains sad. As the chief of service for children of the regional state administrationreportedEvgeny Paramonov, today in area 3 724 dysfunctional families while last year of such families was 4 227 are charged extra.

- Our service deals already with results of process when it is time to select the child at parents, - speaksEvgeny Paramonov. - And the beginning that is covered in how people treat marriage. Unfortunately, our children don't train for family life. I don't mean "courses of family life". The person has to "absorb" bases of family life how he is brought up. The child who grew up not in a family, and in establishment (in a boarding school or children's home), isn't ready to family creation. Family life can't learn, living not in a family. The last three years we are engaged in "removal" of children from establishments in families under guardianship. Today 2 644 children are brought up in families under guardianship. Recently new forms of families developed: orphanages of family type in which 10 children, and foster homes in which can be to four children can be brought up.

Three years ago in area there was no foster home and only four orphanages of family type. And now there are already 100 foster homes and 14 children's homes of family type.

Nevertheless, the problem remains. So, for the first quarter 2009 four children were selected at parents without deprivation of the parental rights (during the same period of last year - six children).And 83 mothers and fathers are deprived of the parental rights for the first three months of this year (104 parents - for the same period of last year).

- It is bad when we appear at the end of process when it is time to deprive already of the parental rights when mother and the father become alcoholics and violate the rights of the child, - continuesEvgeny Paramonov.- It would be desirable to give more than attention to scheduled maintenance. But there are persons to whom it isn't favorable that the country stopped drinking. These are specific people to whom it isn't favorable that the population led a healthy lifestyle: these are producers of vodka and drugs (after all, the more people are ill, the more they buy drugs). In people passion is warmed up. It is favorable to owners of entertaining establishments. The writing against passion. And people on passion earn.

Today in area 4 611 children - orphans and the children deprived of parental guardianship are. And the problem is covered not in material trouble, and, most likely, in the spiritual.


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