Nikolayevtsa were indignant that workers of the ATB supermarket intend to destroy a wall of their house: "We will remain without housing"

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In Nikolaev residents of the house down the street Astronauts, 142 which serves OSMD «Impulse» , are revolted that representatives of shop «ATB» carry out unauthorized construction works, breaking a bearing wall that can lead to destruction of the house and loss of human life. Thus employees don't start up the working commission in the room.

I there was a speech about it at meeting of residents of the house on Tuesday, June 16 which the correspondent visited «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT».

So, according to residents, in the house on the first floor of the built-in shop «ATB» the owner carries out works with intervention in the main bearing house designs in the form of an aperture punched hole that, according to inhabitants, involves weakening of the bearing house design, and as a result - destruction of the house and loss of human life.

In March of this year works on an aperture punched hole in an internal bearing wall of a capital structure of the house without their strengthening were carried out. According to the head of OSMD «Impulse» , the carried-out works weren't coordinated with board. Project documentation for works as owners of shop «ATB» in board of OSMD it wasn't provided.

Residents of the house addressed to the mayor of Nikolaev Yury Granaturova and in management state architecturally - construction control with the requirement to make check of legitimacy of carrying out the specified works, and also to oblige owners of shop «ATB» to restore integrity of the bearing design and from now on not to carry out any works with the bearing house designs.

The deputy vice-the mayor Valentin Gaydarzhi gave the answer that representatives of shop refused to provide access to a utility room for survey and didn't provide documents on performance of construction works to members of the commission which representatives of housing and communal services department entered, of management of architecture, managements EXTINGUISH also administrations of Leninsky district.

- The commission drew up the statement, they submitted the case to militia, the militia came, interrogated residents, and all. It is an internal wall, on it to keep all panels. And it is already weakened. In defiance of all construction norms this aperture is executed. But it it appeared them a little, they inform Valery Viktorovich that they external will break a capital wall because it is necessary to them. Allegedly they need to make fire pass, - residents complained.

- The house will fall. We will remain without housing, - they told. 

The similar answer came and from management State architecturally - construction inspection.

«From - for prevention protection of shop «ATB» it wasn't presented possible to conduct examination and to establish the fact of unauthorized performance of construction works. As of March 20 in management it wasn't registered allowing documents which grant the right to perform construction works on reconstruction of shop «ATB» , - it is told in the message.

Thus in EXTINGUISH noted that checks by supervisory authorities of the enterprises, establishments and the organization, natural persons - businessmen is carried out within January - June, 2015 only with the permission of the Cabinet of Ukraine or according to the demand of the subject of managing, so, EXTINGUISH has no appropriate authority for implementation of verification of the town-planning legislation on the above object at present.

It should be noted that in the morning on Wednesday, June 17, the contractor tried to continue performance of work already from outer side of the house, however residents didn't allow it it to make.

In turn, representatives of shop noted that they have an oral consent of the head of OSMD Valery Velichinsky to work, however people didn't believe it.

- We met the house manager, he told that «everything, start, I solve everything» here. Then we suggested to issue to it the receipt that he doesn't object. We shook hands, it means to me more, than the document, - the contractor told.

As a result representatives of a supermarket suggested residents to meet on Friday, June 19 to transfer to them allowing documents.

- We will give a complete set of documents.This technical inspection that here it is possible to carry out reconstruction, the second–project of reconstruction, the third–it is declaration ГАСКа which can be checked, - the contractor told.

- We take the first step to you, we give you completely documents which under the law allow us it to do. If of you there are obstacles, then we will have other levers, then it is necessary to us on - to another…We don't want with you the conflict, we want peacefully on - neighbour's, - he added.

We will remind that in the Verkhovna Rada it is registered bill «About nationalization of property of a distribution network «ATB».

Арина Синичкина

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