NUK of became the worst point of testing. Admiral Makarov

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NUK of became the worst point of testing in the Nikolaev area according to public observers. The admiral Makarov - besides that process of testing began for 15 minutes earlier, during testing instructors independently left point of testing to smoke - to drink coffee (they weren't confused even by presence of television cameras) and also before the end of testing of a writing-book with test tasks freely "went" along corridors.

It became known of it yesterday,On June 4, on a press - conferences of the project coordinator on public supervision over the external independent estimation (EIE) of quality of knowledge of OPORA Hypermarket in the Nikolaev areaElena Kabashnoyon leading of intermediate results of public supervision over testing.

However, it "was noted" in the negative list and school No. 4 of Yuzhnoukrainsk - there in general process the foreign person (directedassistant manager of the area Oleg Puzyr) and also even prior to testing from point of testing the public observerwas removedElena Borshch.

On a press - it I told conferences what exactly occurred. Prior to testing in biology the instructor addressed to the public observer with a problem - a pier, there are no three participants of testing, and transferredЕ.Борщlist of participants of testing.

The observer, without peering at what document appeared at it in hands, volunteered to go down on a checkpoint of school and to meet not the come participants of testing. After it on a checkpoint the assistant manager of the areawent downOleg Puzyr, I accusedЕ.Борщin that it took away the important document, I made on it the protocol and I removed from testing point. The observer I didn't leave, and I decided to wait for the end of testing in a dining room.

"I got to talking with children who went down in a dining room after testing. Also I heard from children:we made a mistake - left and handed over tests, and the teacher there explains everything", - told on a press - conferencesЕ.Борщ, having called a pure event provocation.

However this opinion held not all.

"You had no right of it to do - you shouldn't have interfered with a testing course. But whether there was it provocation - without video surveillance of it it is impossible to prove", - the head of the laboratory of VNO of the Nikolaev regional institute of postdegree pedagogical educationconsidersOksana Kuleshova.

And her colleague, deputy director of NOIPPOLyudmila Zaviryukha, "I scored a goal" to public observers relatively NUK of. Admiral Makarov. In her opinion, public observers it would be worth being more persistent and to enter all remarks in final minutes about testing (it is put in a box with the written tests and subscribes including by observers). And so, except chaotic fermentation of the personnel, more than any remarks in the protocol it wasn't noted.

But not only public observers spoke about the bad. Very well testing was organized at the Nikolaev schools No. No. 50, 19, 34, a humanitarian gymnasium No. 2, NSU of Sukhomlinsky, ChGU of the Item. Graves, Meshkovo - Pogorelovsky and Shevchenkovsky schools, Ochakov school No. 4, May Day school No. 15 and Voznesenskaya to school No. 2.

As a whole, as notedE.Kabashny, violations which could affect results of testing, it wasn't recorded. I confirmed it andL.Zaviryukh: till today it wasn't submitted to any appeal on results of testing in connection with conditions of carrying out VNO.

We will add that the project on public supervision over VNO isn't complete - it will proceed before transfer of entrants in higher education institutions.


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