The prosecutor's office found violations from the former chief ecologist of the Nikolaev area, but to punish him there is no opportunity

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The prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area carried out an inspection of validity of delivery of a conclusion of the state environmental assessment of JSC Ajax-2 according to the project the business and medical center on Sculptor Izmalkov St. - Mira Avenue corner in Nikolaev. About it reports "News of N".

It is a question of the barbarous cutting down which has got All-Ukrainian popularity of trees in the square of a name of Heroes of Chernobyl veterans. We will remind that on October 17, 2008 under the screen of night in Chernobylsky Square 13 long-term trees and about 2000 sq.m of a green lawn were destroyed. On this site a certain office under the name "Ajax-2" intended to begin the construction called in the project "Business and Medical Centre".

Destruction of trees in Chernobylsky Square caused enormous public indignation not only in Nikolaev, but also across all Ukraine. The Chernobyl union of Ukraine made the special statement about it, the subject of barbarous cutting down of trees sounded from a tribune of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, was considered at session of the Nikolaev city council.

Despite it, only two weeks later after the incident the Nikolaev regional management of ecology issued the positive conclusion of the state environmental assessment according to the above working draft. The positive conclusion of environmental assessment was approved by the head of department of ecology of g of that time - number Sedletsky.

The Nikolaev regional prosecutor's office dealt with this issue.

It was established by the carried-out inspection that "the head of department of the state environmental assessment and questions of land use of management of environmental protection Trofimova I.P. and the head of department Sedletsky E.A. by drawing up a conclusion of the state environmental assessment... allowed incorrect treatment it (an examination conclusion - a bus) contents concerning existence of green plantings in the territory of future construction".

"For the allowed violations the specified persons deserve attraction to a disciplinary responsibility, however the issue at present can't be resolved, as Sedletsky E.A. 28.01.09 it is dismissed from a post, and concerning Trofimova I.P. the term of attraction to a disciplinary responsibility" ended, - is spoken in the reply of prosecutor's office signed by the deputy the prosecutor of the Nikolaev area by S. M. Polishchuk.

In other words, the prosecutor's office actually recognized that the former head of department of ecology Sedletsky well, we will tell so, took and made office violation. But here to punish Sedletsky that he, took and I made office violation it isn't possible.

It is necessary to add only that during the stay of - on Sedletsky the head of department of ecology management headed by it for eyes called "management on fight against ecology".


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