In Nikolayevshchina 79-I the separate airmobile crew finished is command - staff training

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In Nikolayevshchina in 79-й to separate airmobile crew of Land forces of the Armed Forces (AF) of Ukraine came to the end it is command - staff training, reports the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

Its difference from the previous similar actions was that trainings were carried out together with Command of Land forces of VS of Ukraine and more than three days lasted.

Throughout this time paratroopers carried out tasks which to them were set by the high command. For this purpose on the permanent location management points were developed.

Despite a theoretical form of action, its intensity I was very high. Officers of management of Land forces set tasks which demanded from command of airmobile connection of acceptance almost lightning and thus the correct decisions.

However, experience of paratroopers and high professional level helped them to carry out all tasks set by the highest staff.

The chief of a staff of aerobobilny connection lieutenant colonel Sergey Zelenin marked out officers who most of all caused a stir during training: majors Sergey Gonta, Kirill Korolenk and Anatoly Korneychuk, and also senior lieutenants Andrey Lavrents and Valery Kostenko.

- First of all similar actions are necessary for training of officers of management of connection to raise their professional level, - the lieutenant colonel Sergey Zelenin told. - But they are of particular importance now when in the conditions of limited financing to carry out doctrines on elements of practical exercise there is no opportunity.


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