The open figure skating championship of Ukraine by bicycles: hospitable Nikolaev gave a victory to Muscovites

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You sometime watched figure skating competitions? Agree, a show fascinating - improbable plasticity of athletes, beautiful suits, highly topical programs. And how about bicycles, ripped jeans and the smashed elbows? What relation of a wheel and pedal have to figure skating, you ask and this bewilderment can be understood. After all until recently the given sport associated only with ice and the skates. But so was earlier. And now it is possible to be engaged in figure skating even on asphalt astride the small bicycle which very often has not that no brakes, but even pedals! Especially advanced inhabitants of our city already understood that it is a question of competitions in BMX Flatland. After all on June 8 in Nikolaev the Third open figure skating championship of Ukraine by bicycle took place already. So carrying out such spectacular competitions in our city, organized by efforts of the youth organization "Alter — Sports", became already good tradition.

The area at Kashtanovy Square since the morning was filled with people. On music sounds there were also those who already well knows on the previous championships that such VMH, and those who only opened for itself(himself) this sport. In the program of competitions there were surprises and innovations. So, competitions took place in three categories: "Missile defense" - the professional, "Amater" - a beginner or the fan and in separate female category. To be overcome for a rank of the best there arrived Vmkhera from Moscow, Kiev, Cherkass, Vinnytsia, the Slavutich, Sevastopol, Nikolaev, Voronezh, Yalta, Krivoi Rog and Odessa. If to remember last competitions, in 2007 the application for participation was submitted by 7 people, in 2008 - 16, and this year - 25 athletes. At once it is visible that popularity of the championship grows year by year. That the chief judge of competitions the known rider from Germany acted as Danielle Furman testifies to it also.

The championship was given on - to the present spectacular.It is difficult to speak about it is it was necessary to see! Even at the most skeptically adjusted audience who it is simple "by went", the hand involuntarily tried to keep step with the camera, the camera or the mobile phone. All wanted to imprint unreal tricks, improbable sheaves. Except a role of passive observers to the audience opportunity actively to participate in a choice of the winner, namely to vote by means of SMS - messages for the most pleasant athlete dropped out. Following the results of vote the prize of spectator sympathies was won by nikolayevets Roland Bayrozyan.

But not one arrivals of participants of the championship entertained the audience this day. Known Nikolaev dancing clubs "Slice" and "Pasadena" also arranged unforgettable show, having connected in the numbers national dances, хип - хоп, parkour and even the ballet! ! Human Beatbox - one more interesting trend. It is music and vocal imitation by means of a voice. To such itself the person - an orchestra. Agree, very useful ability - is enough to invite such friend on a visit and the problem is solved with musical registration.

Besides, other "pupils" "Alter - Sports" - scooters and skateboarders, and also children who ride Street-bicycles showed the abilities. These guys who chose for a long time steps, a handrail and borders, proved, what even gravitation laws sometimes it is possible to deceive.

It is pleasant to note that so young people - participants and guests of the championship - make a choice for sports and a healthy lifestyle. The territory of competitions in tradition was declared free from smoking and alcohol intake. And the leader Vyacheslav Balabayev and the head of the youth organization "Alter — Sports" Roland Bayrozyan on behalf of all athletes urged to throw addictions. Ignored these appeals politely asked "not to stink" of tobacco and to depart far away.

In the late afternoon determined winners of the Third championship of Ukraine by BMX Flatland. In the beginning places on a pedestal took "Amatora". Savateev Zhenya, Cherkassy appeared the best among them. Kirill Plotnikov from Yalta became the second, inhabitant of Kiev Zimin Vitaly got the third step. Behind them learned names of the best professionals. Nikolaev appeared the hospitable city therefore gave a victory to the Muscovite Lyosha Proshin. The second place on a pedestal was taken by Dima Zonov from the city of Khimki of the Moscow region. This evening the last year's champion Sergey Supryagi had "bronze" from Cherkass. The favourite of public and the constant participant of the championship Vanya Medvedev from Vinnytsia became the fourth.The place at the top step was taken also by the only girl - the participant from Odessa Nastya Dmitriyenko who wasn't afraid to throw down a challenge to guys.

During competitions each of participants got the admirers who at the end of the evening surrounded them, wishing to be photographed and take the autograph for memory. On responses and mood and riders, and the audience it was visible that all received a charge of positive emotions. There is a wish to hope that they will remain to the following championship.


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