Whether we will treat AIDS, HIV and tuberculosis in Nikolaev and why isn't present?

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Today in the Regional state administration the working meeting on which specialists in questions of counteraction to HIV distribution - infections and tuberculosis gathered took place, there were representatives of all regions of area, members of coordination council concerning prevention of distribution of HIV - AIDS.

And strangely enough, physicians discussed the subject of complexity of these diseases not worn out to holes, importance of social and moral support of patients, and why in Nikolaev epidemic proceeds 10 years, and it isn't possible to win against it yet.

Tuberculosis and HIV - links of one chain,every third patient of tuberculosis has positive reaction to HIV.Tuberculosis is a social illness.

As the head of department of health care of the regional state administrationnotedSvetlana Hotina,the All-Ukrainian register of patients has to be created by tuberculosis as from imprisonment places annually to Nikolayevshchina there arrive more than 400 people who don't consist on the account and voluntary don't pass inspection.

It is paid much attention to exit work - both with checks of other medical institutions, and with providing medical care. As a result, laboratories which don't meet sanitary standards are often closed, and money for their equipment simply isn't present. As the doctor regional санэпидемслужбы told, the complete set of staff of their service makes 42%, of them 71% - people of a pre-retirement and retirement age. At each at least 1,5 rates. And so everywhere. And here on hospitalization in the tubdispanserakh 700 people are daily treated. Whether there will be time to "zaturkanny" duties to the doctor to pick up psychological approach to the patient?

Also the doctor told that 17 years wasn't received new disinfection cameras, the state allocatedon acquisition of the equipment of 2,1% of necessary 100%, and for repair of the old equipment at all a hardly anything - 1,2% of means.

Heads of the Village Councils oblige to carry out total "flyurografikation" in the settlement, and to drag on this business of simple and often drunk tractor operator or the peasant it isn't possible differently, than by force.

- I saw how the head of the Village Council together with the district police officer for a shkirka dragged the peasant on a flyurograf, - Svetlana Hotina tells.

Because in time the revealed illness - pledge of timely and successful treatment.

The peak of a disease tuberculosis in Nikolaev was in 2004 when the diseased on 100 thousand population there were 114,9 people at an indicator across Ukraine - 80,9. Till 2008 this situation improved a little - the indicator fell to a mark 101,4.

Personnel problem, problem of lack of funds for equipment and medicines, absence of understanding at the population of importance of preventive inspection- it only a top of an iceberg of problems which interfere with nation improvement.


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