On the Nikolaev beach around the Alluvium the intestinal stick "laps": admissible norms are exceeded by 50 times!

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According to the chief of department of municipal hygiene of Nikolavskaya горСЭС Tatyana Larionova, in water on a beach around the Alluvium extremely large number of the laktozopolozhitelny intestinal stick (LIS) is revealed:

- At existing norm - 5 thousand of LKP on 1 cubic decimeter, on the Alluvium we revealed 240. That is, the admissible quantity of LKP is exceeded almost by 50 times. To administration of the Factory area горСЭС sent the instruction according to which the power has to notify quickly on current situation the residential district population, and also all visitors there on rest. On a beach warning stands with this information without fail have to be established, besides, about it periodically have to report to vacationers on loud-speaking communication.

According to Tatyana Anatolyevna, the situation on a beach near Okean plant isn't much better - 13 thousand of LKP in 1 cubic decimeter of water about what it is reported to administration of the Ship area there are revealed. Larionova added: authorities have to react to disturbing messages of SES immediately because it is a question of human health. Than bathing in above-mentioned vacation spots threatens fans поплескаться during this hot time? "Various intestinal diseases. For example, with intestinal frustration", - I answered the chief of department of municipal hygiene.

Wishing to have a rest without fears for the health we report: go on "Arrow" or "Surf" - there, according to SES, everything is all right. However, to speak about existence on these beaches of a normal shower and pure tap water, well, and - sorry - a civilized toilet - it isn't necessary, but there precisely there is no LKP exceeding admissible norms. Pleasant rest, Lord!


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