In the Nikolaev area, having been jealous of the girlfriend of the beloved, the woman killed her to death, and then together with darling threw out a body to the river

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In the city of PervomaiskNikolaev area40- the summer man together with the 38 - the summer girlfriend decided to spend time cheerfully. The woman invited on a visit and the 25 - the summer girlfriend. Having bought alcohol, they gathered on the apartment at the man.

First everything passed silently - peacefully, but over time the woman started being jealous the beloved of the girlfriend. When the situation was heated to a limit between women quarrel which then developed into a fight was started. First the man didn't pay attention to female "dismantlings", but seeing that the situation leaves from - under control, decided to interfere. But was already late - the guest lay on a floor, without giving life signs.

Having seen deeds, the couple carried a body in a bathroom and, having washed away blood, tried to bring the girl round. Having understood that their attempts are useless, they decided to get rid of a body.

They packed a corpse of the girl into a big shopping bag and carried to the river which was near the house. "Covering up tracks" a couple I dumped a bag with a body of the girl in water then slowly went home.

In a few minutes they saw the squad of patrol service of militia which moved them towards. The man with the woman, started kissing ardently, pretending that they notice nothing. But such behavior seemed to militiamen suspicious. They stopped a couple then examined that place, from where they left. Practically at once militiamen found a corpse of the killed girl. The man and the woman were delivered in regional department where they admitted deeds a crime. However everyone denied the guilt, accusing of all the partner.

Today militiamen hold investigative events which have to clear events of that evening.


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