"The smelly Dutch" "Beriks" tries to come into the Nikolaev port!

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The well-known Beriks refrigerator, is a lot of months plowing the Black Sea with 200 tons of the spoiled meat accepts any Ukrainian port. Now the vessel tries will unload in Nikolaevsk to port.

"The vessel tries to enter into our ports with is rotten Beriks meat, in the regional state administration now passes meeting on this occasion. I on it will be present", - the deputy of the mayor of Nikolaev Alexander Zhenzherukha reported.

16.06.09 at 18.50 the vessel "Beriks" was removed from anchor parking in the port of Kerch and went to the destination - Nikolaev port - such data provided Sea spasatelno - the coordination center.

The captain of a vessel got all necessary for removal from an anchor permissions from the captain of Kerch port and a border service.

Previously on a vessel 1 ton of water and products was loaded.

17.06.09 at 04.00 the vessel was on a beam of the cape of Meganumber (The Southernmost tip of the Crimea), reported a press - service "The Delta — the Pilot".

Where there is a vessel at present - not really clearly.

"At present the vessel already is in Dnepro - the Bugsky estuary", reported a press - service of the Nikolaev customs.

GP "The Delta — the Pilot" doesn't confirm information: "I can tell only that while demands for pilot conducting didn't arrive".

We will remind that the vessel - the Beriks refrigerator (the port of registry Mariupol), left the Georgian port Poti in December, 2008.

According to documents freight went to Mersin (Turkey).

Onboard there are over 200 tons of the spoiled meat.

According to the deputy chief of Head department of veterinary medicine in the Crimea Ivan Gurenko "freight has no documents, veterinarians from regional services have no bases to come on the ship, - Gurenko declared. - The law defines if the ship with meat which is not qualitative and dangerous it has to be utilized at the expense of the owner or is returned back".

Public health services of Ukraine don't allow unloading of a vessel in one of ports, and it is impossible to get rid of the spoiled meat in neutral waters from - for lack of special equipment.

About that meat is spoiled, it became known in Nikolaev where the captain "Beriksa" wanted to get up on repair.

The expiration date of products expired, and refrigeration units of a vessel failed.

"Берикс" refused to accept the ports of Feodosiya, Evpatoria, Nikolaev and Kerch.

Onboard "Beriksa" there are 12 seamen, everything, including the captain, citizens of Ukraine.


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