Between the Nikolaev Poles there was a serious split. The part from them accuses the priests of unworthy behavior

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Saint Joseph rimo's church - Catholic church which is in Nikolaev on Dekabristov Street, will involve the conflict. Many uninterested people consider that the conflict reason - in personal ambitions of the instigator - the head of regional society of Poles Elizabeth Selyanskaya, she is an associate editor of the newspaper of the Nikolaev regional society of Poles of "Kotwica".

On June 24 at meeting of representatives of public organizations national меньшин areas at the head of the regional state administration Elizabeth Selyanskaya addressed to the present deputy governor Dmitry Oboronko and the head of department of questions of nationalities of the regional state administration Elena Ivashko with a request to help with a resolution of conflict between society of Poles and a church. She reproached the prior of the temple priest Yaroslav Gizhitsky with unworthy behavior and to continuous attempts to do much harm to society of Poles.

- The conflict began four years ago as soon as there arrived the new prior Yaroslav Gizhitsky, - Elizabeth Selyanskaya told us. - Before there was other prior, we had very good relations. The new priest decided to separate the Polish society as he told, the secular organization, from a church. The whole year I was silent, didn't want to take out these all problems on a public inspection. The board of the regional organization of Poles authorized me not to be silent any more, and to say openly that here such here actions, especially from the priest, very badly influence relationship.

- We occupied the placement on territories of a church is a museum of local lore which is given to a church according to documents, - Elizabeth Selyanskaya tells about a problem essence. - The priest began in all ways to force out us from this room. I won't speak, what ways. Because if someone the stranger told me that the priest uses such receptions and tells such things, I never would believe this person. I too am a person the believer - the Catholic. I wouldn't believe.Eventually, exactly a year ago, in June, it ended with a militia call for my part. Because the priest simply began to drill the lock at doors of our room. I caused about it militia. The militia made the protocol. In that room there are very big values for large sums for which I bear a liability as the chairman, and it is simple to throw out them on the street I am not able to afford.

- Then I didn't file a lawsuit about what now very much I am sorry, - the head of regional society of Poles continues. - Because after that there was a public insult me in a church. The section of people - who for the priest, and who began against. Thus against me signatures directly in a church gathered. I not to all spoke to rank-and-file members of the organization about such problems. I then didn't want to take out it everything on a public inspection.

The city authorities allocated the room which is in "Dormashina's" region for society of Poles. But, as it demands repair, society rents other room.

The priest Yaroslav Gizhitsky considers that a problem not in real-life disagreements between Poles and a church, and in Elizabeth Selyanskaya's personal ambitions.

- We have a society of Poles which works at a church, - Yaroslav Gizhitsky commented on a situation. - Poles to the conflict of the relation have no. We spend evenings of the Polish culture, recently there was a viewing of the Polish movie, the holiday devoted to the Constitution day of Poland was spent.

- It didn't put Poles and not business of society of Poles, - the priest summarized. - This business personally Elizabeth Gaysovna. It personally its conflict, and she wants to kindle this conflict. If she wants the personal relations and the offenses to solve on the Internet and through newspapers, let solves, and me let doesn't touch. I treat it kindly. And it on me causes militia.

The head of department for regional state administration nationalities Elena Ivashko too adheres to that point of view that the personal relations, instead of the objective facts are the reason of the conflict.

- The Polish community really was in the church territory when there was other priest, - Elena Ivashko told. - Then the new priest came, and there was some opposition. I consider that it is more personal opposition. I wouldn't call this conflict the conflict. There is a religious organization - a church, and there is a public organization of Poles. Personally I consider that Elizabeth Gaysovna aggravates a situation a little.I think that it is possible to solve this conflict exactly as the deputy head of the regional state administration offered. That is, to gather together - to representatives of a church, society of Poles, department of religion, department of nationalities - and to discuss a problem. Everyone has to act within the charter. Naturally, it is impossible to come on the territory of another.

Elena Ivashko reported that soon in Nikolaev there will be one more organization of Poles led by the journalist Yury Korob.

To comment on the conflict between regional society of Poles and a church we asked the head of department of questions of religion of the regional state administration Alexander Kostashenko. But, as it became clear, at the time of our call the official was sure that the conflict is settled.

- For whom there will be a room is doesn't solve neither a church, nor the organization of Poles, - Alexander Kostashenko told. - The premises of the museum are a state ownership. Also there is a regional state administration order about that to transfer this room to a religious community (church), instead of society of Poles.

- There the difficult situation, - continues the head of department. - The Polish society considers as the correct Catholics only itself. But after all Catholicism is a world religion. Father Yaroslav the Pole. That didn't put, here a question not in a nationality.

We will sum up the results.

1. The conflict began with arrival of the new priest. Before society of Poles actively cooperated with a church and about a similar problem couldn't go and speeches. Respectively, the conflict is caused not by opposition between a church and society of Poles, and between specific people - Elizabeth Selyanskaya and Yaroslav Gizhitsky.

2. When the conflict inflamed, Elizabeth Selyanskaya didn't report about it to rank-and-file members of society. Respectively, they had no opportunity to express the opinion about it.

3. Shortly in Nikolaev new society of Poles will be created, thus, that one already is. Then the Nikolaev Poles were divided into two camps. And it is far not bright prospects, after all the conflict and between Poles can inflame. Besides, creation of two societies says that a certain conflict already is. After all otherwise Poles, on the contrary, would unite.

4. The room in which now there is a Museum of local lore, belongs to a church. Time when the museum will move to a place of a new dislocation will come, and the church shouldn't share it with the museum.Under the law society of Poles can't apply for this room, and Elizabeth Selyanskaya recognizes it.

5. To regional society of Poles the room which they don't use from - for its deplorable state is allocated. Instead Poles rent other room. Nevertheless, declare that apply for the room which now occupies Museum of local lore.

6. Poles actively develop and advance the national culture in a church. In the temple masses in Polish are constantly conducted, various secular cultural events are held. Respectively, it is impossible to speak about infringement of the rights of the Polish community a church.

Nevertheless, the conflict is, the situation is taken out on a public inspection. The head of regional society of Poles asked supports of local authorities in the fight against the priest.

Probably, for a long time came to make time as officials, - to sit down at a negotiating table offered. After all the conflicts concerning religion and nationalities, never brought to good. And rather a situation will be resolved, the it will be better for all.


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