"Iron Curtain" falling on Faleevskaya, 91

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Conflict history across Faleevskaya, 91 g Nikolaev

it is known to nikolayevets since 2005. Then the builder, JSC Pivdenyinvestbud, tried to begin construction 14-ти the floor building in the yard 180-ти a room house. To the inhabitants who have united in OSMD "Ayland", it was succeeded not to allow construction in the yard. Nevertheless, the part of the urban area adjoining the yard, was enclosed with a metal fence. Four long years to anybody, neither the city authorities, nor ecology management, a sanstantion weren't affairs before that occurs behind a high metal fence. Just now, after quick bums removed and sold three sections of a fence, it became clear that the territory strenuously protected by JSC Pivdentnvestbud, is turned into an ordinary dump of garbage. That there only isn't present. Mountains of plastic bottles from beer and soft drinks, a heap of the semi-decayed foliage, the used syringes, packs from - under the cigarettes, mattresses exhaling a stench, old clothes cover that was called as the sidewalk four years ago.

And nearby, behind a fence, a playground, only in the residential district, constructed thanks to Erstebank and inhabitants of that house across Faleevskaya, 91, putting heart and soul to the yard. On a platform daily spend time of ten small children with parents who breathe "civilization fruits", prepared in defect Pivdenyinvestbud.

Question to the city authorities. What has to occur that you paid attention to a dump in the downtown? It is necessary to wait for full dismantle of a fence or infection of the children who are in five meters from a dump?

And, maybe, you wait when people will clean a dump, and together with it and "acting" city officials?


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