The Nikolaev physicians already prepares for a flu

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For the first time for the last 40 years the World Organization of Health Protection (WOHP) declared a flu pandemic. Level of danger of this illness is lifted to the highest, sixth condition of a pandemic. It means that the illness went out of the certain states and now threatens the whole peace.

In this regard head of departmentNikolaevoblgosadmnistrationSvetlana HotinaI issued the order to the chief of a municipal government of health protectionTo Larisa Dergunovaand to chief physicians of healthcare institutions of area.

"Management of health protection of the regional state administration reports that according to the letter of Ministry of Health of Ukraine the World Health Organization (VOOZ) declared a pandemic of flu of 2009, - is told in the document. - Due to the specified we send the statement of the director of VOOZ Margaret Chong about the beginning of a pandemic of flu of 2009 of July 12, 2009 and VOOZ recommendation.

I ask to provide implementation of recommendations of VOOZ during carrying out actions for overcoming of a pandemic".

The sharp increase in number of patients with flu A/H1N1 (swine flu) became the reason of a pandemic.

According to VOOZ assumption, the virus will "walk about" on a planet two years. Infection of people will occur the same as it occurs during a pandemic of any virus.

Last pandemics:

* Spanish flu (H1N1 strain). In 1918-1919 the illness carried away lives of 40-50 million people

* Asian flu (H2N2 strain). In 1957-1958 in the USA about 70 000 people

were lost

* Hong Kong flu (H3N2 strain). In 1968-1969 in the USA about 34 000 people

were lost

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