It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant again будетсудиться with ecologists

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Legal service It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant prepares for new judicial fights. About the forthcoming next round of judicial proceedings, according to work Department with the public and mass media, it became known at the beginning of June when the board of judges of the Supreme administrative court of Ukraine partially satisfied the claim of active members of the ecological organization "Ecology — the Right — the Person" of Antonina Galkina and Alexander Malitsky.

Some years they have legal proceedings with the Nikolaev regional council and NAEK "Energoatom" in the person of OP YuU nuclear power plant. Dispute subject - 27,7 hectares of the territory of regional landscape park "Granitno — Steppe Pobuzhye" who of July 6, 2006 are transferred by the solution of a regional council under placement of "tail" part of the Aleksandrovsky reservoir, as made possible start-up of the first stage of Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant. A. Galkina and A. Malitsky considered that it will cause a renewable loss to the nature of all South of Ukraine, and appealed to the Central district court of Nikolaev which in January, 2007 judged dispute in their advantage.

The Nikolaev regional council and NAEK "Energoatom", in turn, appealed against the made judgment in the Odessa appellate administrative court which cancelled a judgment of the first instance, and satisfaction of claim requirements of A. Malitsky and A. Galkina refused.

After that Galkina and Malitsky addressed for support in board of judges of the Supreme administrative court of Ukraine. In the statement of claim they asked to cancel the decision appeal админсуда and to uphold the decision of the Central district court of Nikolaev. The board met their requirements partially - the decision of the Odessa court is cancelled, and business is sent for new consideration.

Press - service nuclear power plant also claims that information on judicial cancellation of the solution of the Nikolaev regional council, published in mass media (the Golos Ukrainy newspaper of June 19, 2009, the article "Attempt at Reserved Hectares"), isn't true …

Since 2006, specialists of legal department of OP "It Is Southern — the Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant" proved more than once legality of construction of the Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant which bottom reservoir is the Aleksandrovsky reservoir, in vessels of all instances existing in Ukraine. In division more than two tens volumes pretenzionno collected - the claim materials concerning completion of the third component Is southern - the Ukrainian power complex - Tashlyksky hydroheat-sink power plant.

As the head of legal department of the nuclear power plant Alexander Smirnov, for all years of lawsuits with the ecologists notes, concerning legality of construction of the Tashlyksky pumped storage power plant, any judgment which has come into force against GP "NAEK "Energoatom" yet wasn't.

Today lawyers of the company are again ready to convince, prove, give incontestable arguments. Repeatedly to consider Malitsky and Galkina's claim there will be the Odessa appellate administrative court. But when it will take place while it isn't known...


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