In the museum of shipbuilding and fleet the exhibition of a sudomodelirovaniye

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In the museum of shipbuilding and fleet the exhibition "Started skill and inspiration. To Sudomodelirovaina: holidays and everyday life". Unique works, diplomas and awards of the Nikolaev sudomodelist which are the center of a national team of team of Ukraine on sudomodelny sports are presented to expositions.

The exhibition begins a picture of the member of the union of artists of Ukraine Larisa Mandrikova "The museum birth" and the model of the house of the Chief commander of the Black Sea fleet which was made by one of the oldest sudomodelist Vladimir Goncharuk.

Creators of small fleet at an exhibition presented sailing vessels of the XVIII-XIX century, among which model of the first ship of the Nikolaev construction - a 46-gun frigate "Saint Nikolay" and the last sailing vessel which was constructed in Nikolaev - the 135-gun ship "Crown Prince", East and Mirnyi boats which under Lazarev and Bellingshausen's command took part in expedition of 1819-1821 when Antarctica was open.
Here it is possible to see the French galley of the XVII century and a raft of monks, the cruiser "Ochakov" and a battleship "Potemkin", "Gaydamak's" tow and the German Kenig dreadnought made in equipment of tiny plasticity the ships in bottles, antique and east ships and trade vessels.
Masters who made these models: Sergey Postykin, Alexander Vicherov, Vladimir Nikolaev, Oleg Lisovenko, Pavel Grishkov, Yury Kazilo, Alexander Merkushev, Yury Zelenov, Igor Aksenov, Vladimir Dolgikh.
The exhibition gives an idea of how the model is born, starting with drawings, the slightest details, finishing a masterpiece of model art.

Among exhibits the smallest details from tooth of a cachalot which were made for future model of the ship by the Nikolaev sudomodelist Georgy Pavliotti.

The organizer of an exhibition Alevtina Davydova Vladerchuk tells that inspired on exhibition creation fine creations. This work of art. And to be surprised exhibits it isn't necessary to be the expert of shipbuilding or a sudomodelirovaniye. To create an exhibition nearly a month was required.

The rector of National university of shipbuilding Georgy Fedorovich Romanovsky let know that the exhibition isn't subject to criticism as very little who reached such level of skill.


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