Санслужбы warn about "radioactive" black sand on пляжаж the Kinburnsky braid

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Black stains on yellow sand could be seen on the Ukrainian coasts earlier. The volcanic breeds which are gradually destroyed by water and time give this color. But now public health services of Mariupol established on beaches boards with warning inscriptions - a pier, a sand - that "indicates radioactivity"! However the health-resort visitors basking in the sun, on the Sea of Azov didn't become less. Is it safe to sunbathe on radioactive sand, experts told.

The head of department of radiation hygiene of the Mariupol city SES Igor Egorov declared "To the newspaper on - Kiev" that within only one Mariupol, on a beach of Sandy, 250 square meters of radioactive sand. It is a lot of such places and on all coast of the Sea of Azov. There are they and on the Belosaraysky spit popular among tourists. From - for it radiation, according to official figures, makes the 60th microx-ray at an o'clock (sometimes - to 100) that exceeds norm twice. And each time after a storm on beaches jumps out a new portion of radioactive minerals. If earlier such sand took out and dug in in clay, now black stains or powder with clean sand, or mix with it. It as Igor Egorov speaks, considerably reduces radiation.
Black sand meet and on coast of the bottom Dnepr, on the Kinburnsky spit and the Ochakov coast.
- A year ago and the Nikolaev area the problem of radioactive sand mentioned. Black spots becomes more. It is connected with отливами and inflow on the sea. Happens, on the estuary black spots diameter in some meters meet. All know that they are radioactive, - told "to the Newspaper... " chairman of public council at an environmental protection state administration in the Nikolaev area Oleg Derkach.
Experts say that black sand don't do special harm to health of the person.
As the doctor of the geologist - mineralogical sciences told, the ecologist Victor Tarasenko, is natural radiation which exists in the nature.In places the indicator can jump up to the 40th microx-ray in hour
- I didn't hear about higher rate. If really where - that is recorded 100, it can specify on монацито - tsirkonovy scatterings, - the expert explained...
Specialists of Ministry of Health at first promised to understand a situation, however the official answer didn't provide. Subsequently answered that "hearings don't intend to make comments". And experts of the Mariupol city SES advised: before choosing a place for suntan, attentively examine a beach on existence of black stains and spots on sand.

The artful mineral can be and not black
As Ukraine is located on the Ukrainian crystal board, from Dnepr and other rivers to the seas the mass of minerals is washed away. Including monocytes - compounds of radioactive thorium. Monocyte crystals about 0,08 mm in the diameter can be painted in different colors - yellow, green, is reddish - brown, brown, white. From - for erosion of rocks they accumulate in sea scatterings of sand.


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