In Nikolaevsk the region of a cigarette rose in price for 18,9%

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The Consumer Price Index (CPI) across Ukraine in June, 2009 made 101,1%. The prices continued to grow in all regions of the country, reports Head department of statistics.

On the IPTs Nikolaev area I made 100,9%. The rise in prices in June is caused by a further rise in price of alcoholic beverages and the tobacco products, separate names of food, and also goods and services in spheres of transport, communication, restaurants and hotels.

Since the beginning of year of IPTs across Ukraine made 108,6%, on the Nikolaev area - 108,9%.

In June in the consumer market of area food and soft drinks rose in price for 0,5%, on the average across Ukraine - for 0,1%. The essential rise in prices is recorded on tobacco products - for 18,9%. Eggs rose in price for 3,5%, vegetables - for 3,1%, fruit - for 1,7%, sugar - for 1,6%.

On a nonfood consumer commodity market and area services in June the greatest gain of the prices was observed in the transport sphere - for 3,2%. Fare in railway transport increased - by 8,6%, gasoline rose in price - for 8,3%.

The rise in price of telephone and telefax services - for 2,2% became the main reason of a rise in prices for 1,9% in the sphere of communication.

Growth of cost of the services connected with temporary residence - for 13,5%, food rises in price in dining rooms - for 1,5%, cafe, bars and restaurants - for 0,8% became the main reason for rise in prices in the sphere of restaurant and hotel business - for 3%.


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