"Barrier-free Nikolayevshchina" - the program of the help to people with OFV

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Yesterday in head department of work and a social security passed meeting of coordination council at the regional state administration on implementation of regional programs of social protection of the population.

It is difficult to be "not such as all" internally: it becomes frequent the misunderstanding reason. But it is even more difficult to be "not such as all" externally: it becomes much more often the rejection reason.

To help "not such as all" - to physically disabled people - the regional program "Barrier-free Nikolayevshchina" was urged to come into contact with world around. During its performance public attention concentrated on construction of ramps whereas by the program it is provided much more.

In five months 2008, the deputy chief of head department of work and social protection of the populationnotesLyubov Belkina, in area various measures are taken for prevention of disability and improvement of social service of physically disabled people.

Today in area lives 61 700 disabled people, needs of each of which are individual. One need the address help as needy (such help is provided today for the sum of 10,5 million UAH). Another - wheelchairs (them for this period it is given out 120). The third - eye artificial limbs or hearing aids (the first in it years it is bought 46 thanks to what 18 protezirovaniye are carried out; the second - 61 that while it isn't enough: needs hearing aids of 510 people).

These requirements depend and on age. Mentally retarded children - them in area is 4700 - need social rehabilitation (for today programs of rehabilitation it is made 3 317 that makes about 60%). The youth - in opportunity to get an education (today in higher education institutions of area studies 84 students - the disabled person, and in technical training colleges - 118; all of them get a social grant). People of middle age - in employment (for this purpose the regional center of employment of the population made today 25 contracts with employers).

Everything that is executed within the Barrier-free Nikolayevshchina program - only small contribution of society allowing physically disabled people to find mutual understanding with world around.Actually they need not only ramps which while it isn't enough in Nikolaev, Pervomaisk and Voznesensk, and in specially equipped buses, but also in many other. Therefore implementation of the program remains on control of head department of work and social protection of the population.


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