The vessel loaded by rotten meat which tried will unload in Nikolaev, sailed to Yuzhnensky port

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On raid of Yuzhnensky port the vessel "Beriks" packaged by spoiled meat dangles. According to the chief health officer of a water transport Nikolay Golubyatnikov, to a product from a sort of 4-5 years.

We will remind that in the middle of June the well-known Beriks refrigerator, is a lot of months plowing the Black Sea with 200 tons of the spoiled meat tried to unload in Nikolaevsk to port.

"It is products of 2004-2005. The Australian rabbits, the American chicken and still there is a lot of that - anyway garbage which can't be imported into Ukraine", - speaks Pigeon fanciers.

The Internet - mass media trumpeted that meat is infected with pork plague. "It is nonsense, plague there isn't present, but there can be a mass of other diseases, including a foot-and-mouth disease, but it possibly to establish only after each box" will be opened, - the doctor who quotes explained"Today".

"Берикс" accepted aboard a large consignment of meat in the Georgian port Poti in December, 2008. Since then the crew from eight Ukrainians turned into hostages of the ship. Having left Georgia, the vessel tried to come into Donuzlav, but didn't pass санэпидемконтроль. The same history repeated in Nikolaev, Ilyichevsk, Kerch, Mariupol, Kherson.

"Берикс", needing under repair, combustible and products, more than half a year wanders. "By the way, two years ago this meat already brought to Odessa, but the firm refused to accept as delayed", - Nikolay Golubyatnikov noted. According to him, there are two solutions of a problem: "In - the first to find the shipper, but it is improbable, most likely, we deal with smuggling, and, in - the second, to prepare a burial ground, to dig freight deeply and to fill in lizoly that nobody could dig out and transfer to the markets".


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