"We are going to change this structure", - the mayor of Nikolaev with deputies will be engaged in reformatting of executive committee

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Newly elected deputies of the Nikolaev city council at the suggestion of the mayor Alexander Senkevich will reconsider structure and structure of executive committee and the deputy constant commissions.

About it I there was a speech in the course of a meeting of Senkevich with heads of fractions which took place on Tuesday, November 24, at once after the first session of newly elected city council.

- Also I ask to offer your reasons on structure of executive committee. We are going to change this structure because, on - to my opinion, it isn't absolutely effective, - Senkevich noted.

Also he noted that it concerns also the constant deputy commissions at the City Council. The mayor asked heads of fractions to offer the vision of quantitative structure of sessions and deputies who will head them.

In response to it head of fraction of party «Oppositional block» Igor Dyatlov offered instead of offers to the mayor from fractions to create the working group into which will enter on two representatives of fractions of the City Council where and to solve all these questions. 

- That we could come for the first session with the consolidated decision that there was no mess at the first session, - marked out Woodpeckers to which offer the mayor Senkevich agreed. 

In turn head of fraction «Our Edge» Oleg Krisenko declared that their fraction considers that deputies on the commissions have to be distributed in proportion to number of deputies in each fraction.

- We will discuss it in the working group, considering professionalism of each person, - Senkevich answered it.

As a result, each head of fraction offered on two representatives in structure of the working group: from «Oppositional block» Alexander Omelchuk and Igor Kopeyka, from «Our Edge» Oleg Krisenko and Sergey Kartsev, from «Self-help» Sergey Isakov and Fedor Panchenko, from BPP Vladimir Krylenko, with the second representatives fraction will be defined after meeting. Also Alexander Senkevich and one more his representative whom the mayor didn't call was a part of group.

After that participants of meeting began to solve when to begin work of group and time and a place of the first meeting.Alexander Senkevich suggested to gather on Wednesday after a lunch, however the head of fraction of party «Self-help» Sergey Isakov suggested it to make today, that  «to look each other in eyes». The mayor of Nikolaev answered it that meeting of the working group will take place today at 16:00. 

- Wipe eyes and you come, - the mayor of Nikolaev for fun summarized.

We will remind that the newly elected Nikolaev mayor Alexander Senkevich asked heads of fractions in the City Council to propose the candidates for a post of the secretary of city council.

Арина Синичкина

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